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Contact Information[2]

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
10706 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030

Main telephone: (410) 568-1500
Main fax: (410) 568-1533

Company Profile [3]

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (SBG) is one of the leading television broadcasting companies today. With over 70 stations in 45 different midsized markets around the country, SBG reaches approximately 26.3% of the US television households. While the majority of SBG’s stations are owned and operated by them, the remaining stations are operated under local market agreements. Some of the the company’s affiliates include FOXABCMyTVCWCBSNBC and Azteca. Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Julian Sincair Smith and his four sons who still manage the company today.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Affiliates



Although Sinclair Broadcast Group’s headquarters reside in Maryland, the company owns and operates stations all over the United States.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Station Locations


Key Executives [5]

David Smith – Chairman, President, and CEO

President/ CEO/ Board Director of SBG

David Smith has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since 1988 and as Chairman of the Board of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. since September 1990. He is well known for his founding of the company Comark Communications which is engaged in the manufacture of high power transmitters for UHF television stations.

Steven Marks – VP and COO
Steven Marks has served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since May 2007. He is responsible for the television group operations. Prior to becoming VP and COO, Marks held such positions as Regional Director and was responsible for 16 different stations.

David Amy – EVP and CFO
David Amy has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since March 2001. Amy also serves as Secretary of Sinclair Television Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary that owns and operates the broadcasting operations.

Restructuring Within the Company

(4-23-12) Dean Radla Named GM in San Antonio, TX [7]
Most recently, Sinclair Broadcast Group made the decision to promote Dean Radla to General Manager of KABB-TV (FOX 29) and KMYS-TV (CW 35) in San Antonio, Texas. After serving SGB for the past fifteen years as Director of sales, Mr. Radla will take over for John Seabers, who was recently promoted to Sinclair TV Group Manager.

(2-27-2012) SBG Names Mike Smythe General Manager of KBSI in Paducah [8]
On February 27, 2012, Sinclair Broadcast Group announced that Mike Smythe has been named the General Manager of KBSI-TV (FOX 23) in the Paducah, KY/Cape Girardeau, MO market. Prior to receiving this promotion, Smythe served as General Manager for KFVS (CBS) and The Heartland’s CW for the past 11 years.

(2-16-2012) SBG Promotes Scott Livingston to VP of News [9]
Scott Livingston was named Vice President of News for Sinclair Television Group on February 16, 2012. After being with Sinclair since 1991, Livingston is now responsible for leading 42 stations that air local news. Prior to this promotion, Livingston has been credited with building an award-winning team of journalists. Some of the awards include the 1996 National Press Photographers Association Station of the Year Award for FOX45 News, as well as WBFF winning more local Emmy Awards than all the other news stations in Baltimore combined.

Station Acquisitions

SBG Closes on Freedom Communications TV Station Acquisition [10]

Freedom Communications, Inc Logo


On April 2, 2012, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. announced that it closed the acquisition of the Freedom Communications broadcast assests for $385.0 million. In order to do so, the company used the recently raised $157.5 million incremental Team Loan A and the $192.5 million incremental Term B Load commitment to cover the costs. Sinclair Broadcast Group also used a $38.5 million cash escrow previously paid in November 2011. Sinclair had been operating the Freedom stations since December 1, 2011, pursuant to a Local marketing Agreement, while it waited for the approval of the FCC.

With the official acquisition of The Freedom Television Stations, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. gains a total of 8 new stations. The new stations include the following:
WPEC (CBS 12) West Palm Beach, Florida (DMA 38)
WWMT (CBS 3) Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo.Battle Creek, Michigan (DMA 42)
WRGB (CBS 6) Albany, New York (DMA 58)
WCWN (CW 45) Albany, New York (DMA 58)
WTVC (ABC 9) Chattanooga, Tennessee (DMA 86)
WLAJ (ABC 3) Lansing, Michigan (DMA 115)
KTVL (CBS 10) Medford-Klamath Falls, Oregon (DMA 140)
KFDM (CBS 6) Beaumont-Port Arthur Orange, Texas (DMA 141)

(1-3-2012)SBG Closes Acquisition of Four Points Media Television Stations

Four Points Media Logo

Back in January, Sinclair Broadcast Group announced that they closed the acquisition of Four Points Media from affiliates of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. for $200 million. SBG financed the acquisition with a $180 million draw under a recently raised incremental Term B Loan commitment. The Four Points stations have been operated by SBG since October 1, 2011 but have been under a Local marketing Agreement because it has been awaiting FCC approval.

Sinclair Broadcast Group now owns and operates the following stations:
KUTV (CBS 2) Salt Lake City, Utah (DMA 32)
KMYU (MNT 9) Salt Lake City, Utah (DMA 32)
KEYE (CBS 42) Austin, Texas (DMA 44)
WTVX (CW 34) West Palm Beach/ Fort Pierce, Florida (DMA 38)
WTCN-CA (MNT 50) West Palm Beach/ Fort Pierce, Florida (DMA 38)
WWHB-CA (Azteca 48) West Palm Beach/ Fort Pierce, Florida (DMA 38)
WLWC (CW 28) Providence, Rhode Island/ New Bedford, Massachusetts (SMA 53)


(4-18-2012) Sinclair CEO’s compensation rose 16 percent [12]

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s chief executive, David D. Smith, earned $4.2 million last year, a 16 percent increase that included more than $2 million in stock option awards. Smith’s compensation included a $1 million base salary and and $1 million in cash bonuses. 94 percent of shareholders approved the company’s executive compensation package based on leadership skills, contributions to shareholder value and company performance.

(4-5-2012) Sinclair to Report First Quarter 2012 Results on May 2, 1012 [13]

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. will report its first quarter 2012 earnings results at 7:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

Last years First Quarter Results: [14]

2011 First Quarter Results

(2-8-2012) SBG Declares $0.12 Dividend per Share for Quarter [15]


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