Weird Loners – Blog Post 7


Well folks, we’re off to the finish line.

   With less than two days before the show’s premiere, I was curious to see any development in how this show is seen in the industry. The jury is in and things aren’t looking very pretty for “Weird Loners.”

These three different news sources represent a whole sum of publications that have said nearly the same thing about this show…

   Forbes defines Weird Loners as a show that, “nowhere else in the schedule to go” and notes that, “the occasional sweetness isn’t enough to make one forget about the lack of interesting dynamic that currently exists.”

   The New York Times notes that while, “this is one show that you can drop in on just to grab a few laughs without feeling you have to invest your whole being in it,” the characters of the show, “will all soon be too old to carry the premise” if it becomes a hit.

   The St. Louis Post-Dispatch called this show as a show, “struggling to make viewers laugh” as well as wanna-be “Sex in the City” and “Friends.”

   Well, the future of this show isn’t very bright. I’ll tell you myself once I watch this Tuesday, March 31st, 9:30pm.