Alex, Inc. (2)

ABC’s Alex, Inc. holds the 8:30 timeslot on Wednesdays in its inaugural season. With this timeslot, the program competes head-to-head with, among other shows, CW’s Riverdale and CBS’ Survivor. Through one full season, Riverdale averages about a 1 rating. This is a solid performance by a CW show, but it still leaves room for Alex, Inc. to achieve success. Furthermore, while Survivor used to garner incredibly high ratings during its prime, the program is no longer the behemoth that it once was. Again, this illustrates that Alex, Inc.’s timeslot is not dominated by a particular show. It is also notable that Alex, Inc. will not have to compete with The Blacklist, the relatively popular NBC show that usually holds the same timeslot. The program will have finished its series of new episodes before Alex, Inc. begins its run on ABC. Because the aforementioned shows do not achieve enormous ratings, Alex, Inc. has an opportunity to contend in the 8:30 Wednesday timeslot.