Alex, Inc. (3)

Zach Braff, Alex, Inc.’s star, director, and producer has a large social media presence, most notably on Twitter. With 2.03 million Twitter followers, Braff is able to reach a large audience without any filter. He also has over a million Instagram followers and 1.6 million likes on his official Facebook page. Braff has used his significant social media following to promote his new show, from tweeting out cast photos to alerting audiences of trailer premiers. The actor/director also promotes the twitter account for the show itself (@AlexIncABC), yet the account only has slightly over 2,500 followers. This can easily be explained by the fact that the show has yet to air, but it is still notable that the account lacks ample followers. Given Braff’s large social media following and his tendency to reference the show’s twitter account in his tweets, though, it remains likely that the program’s social media accounts will gain followers as the premiere approaches.