Alex, Inc. (7)

As Alex, Inc. moves to within weeks of its release date, the big names behind the project are in the midst of vital press tours. On March 15th, Zach Braff appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, another ABC property, to promote the new show. While most of the conversation focused on Braff sharing a humorous celebrity stories, as late night talk shows usually do, the pair did dedicate three minutes to Alex, Inc. promotion. Hillary Anne Matthews, who plays a secondary character on the program, is also on a press tour.

Next, a few initial reviews are in for Braff and ABC’s new show. For the most part, the program is receiving generally positive reviews. For example, FanFest News calls the show “adorably inspiring.” It will be interesting to see if these positive reviews along with the potential benefits of word-of-mouth boost the show to the top of Wednesday’s primetime ratings.