Deception #8

Season one of ABC’s Deception continues with episode 2, “Forced Perspective”, and episode 3, “Escapology” premiering on the past two Sundays at 10 p.m. The second episode focuses more on Cameron Black’s vendetta against the criminals who have framed his brother and ruined the twins’ careers as illusionists. Relationships between Black and the FBI team, especially Kay Daniels, progress, making the series deeper than just magic tricks. Episode 3 covers an art museum heist that gives rest from the underlying plot of the Black twins’ revenge.

Rotten Tomatoes’ Audience Score for Deception shows 77% liked it. There has not been a consensus yet, but the Tomatometer shows a 63%.

According to TV By The Numbers, Episode 2, which premiered on March 18th, received a .8 rating in a 3 share, with 3.97 million total viewers. Episode 3, which premiered on March 25th, received a .7 rating in a 3 share, with 3.86 total viewers. Bother were higher rated than Timeless on NBC which aired during the same time slot. Deception has had downward adjustments in adults 18-49.