Alex, Inc. (10)

Alex, Inc.’s second week on air did not meet expectations. In fact, the show’s ratings fell far enough to start worrying about its future. The new episode slipped 18 percent from the pilot episode, resulting in a 0.9 rating and 3.83 total viewers. In my previous weekly blog, I noted that Alex, Inc.’s premiere ratings were not a bad sign, given that ABC’s Speechless was renewed and had similar numbers. However, this decline in ratings illustrates that, in all likelihood, Alex, Inc. will not meet Speechless’ numbers, a troubling sign for Zach Braff’s new show. Another troubling sign is that ABC’s The Goldbergs saw a 1.3 rating and 5.4 million viewers, yet once Alex, Inc. started, these viewers did not stay. This shows that there is little carryover between the two shows. Overall, Alex, Inc.’s second episode ratings allow for doubt to arise. Unless the show can find its stride in the next few weeks, there is little to suggest that it can be renewed.