Splitting Up Together #10

Now that the show has aired I thought it would be a good time to see how the shows marketing has changed from pre-premiere promotions to post-premiere promotions. Essentially it seems like the show has maintained its same exact promotional style on its facebook and twitter pages. Of interest in this comparison I noticed that whereas one typically would expect a show’s twitter to be more engaging than their facebook page these days, that is not the case with this show. Instead it seems as though the show’s Facebook is more engaged than their twitter in so much that the Facebook page gets more likes, and comments on its content. This goes to support that the show is reaching out to that 30s-40s age group that may not be as engaged with twitter as the younger audience.

Anyway that note aside, the marketing strategy of the show is definitely still maintaining its promo strategy of using short little clips of the show captioned with some attention grabbing one liner to catch viewers eyes. Once in a while it also will throw in a fact such as when one of the leads appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, it posted that she was appearing but never posted a link to view her appearance.