Splitting Up Together #11

With three weeks of ratings for Splitting Up Together now, I figured it might be a good time to analyze the Halo effect the show had been receiving from Roseanne and see if that halo has dissipated, or if it still exists and has reduced for Splitting Up Together in a proportion similar to the way it has for Roseanne. So below is a table of the ratings for both shows in their first three weeks, and the percent change in viewership week to week for each show.

  Roseanne Ratings % Change Splitting Up Together Ratings % Change
Week 1 5.2 n/a 2.1 n/a
Week 2 3.9 -25% 1.4 -33%
Week 3 3.5 -10% 1.2 -14%

As you can see Splitting Up Together has had a slightly higher % loss of ratings compared to Roseanne but that does make sense considering that Roseanne airs at 8pm and Splitting up Together at 9:30pm. That halo will only extend so far and the shows at the edges of its reach are certainly the more likely ones to lose that halo effect the fastest. Overall though I would say the show is fairing well currently and a 1.2 rating for a half hour comedy is certainly nothing to be concerned about from my perspective.