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Working as a Spanish-language television network, Univision was founded in 1955 by Raul Cortex. KCOR-TV, which was started in San Antonio, Texas, has turned into the largest audience of Spanish-language television viewers according to Nielsen ratings. Univision’s headquarters is located in New York, New York, and has studios and production facilities in Doral, Florida. [1]

Univision Logo

Univision Logo: Univision.com

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Randy Falco: President and Chief Executive Officer
Before joining Univsion’s team, Falco served as the chairman and chief executive officer. Falco has worked with the 92, 96, 00, and 02 Olympic games with NBC Television, where he served as chief operating office. During his time at Univision the company has added three new cable networks and new digital offerings. This has brought Univision to hold 73 percent of market share in the 18-49 Spanish-Language, TV audience. [2]
Randy Falco

Randy Falco: corporate.univision.com/univision-story

Andrew Hobson: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Hobson has been with the Univision family since 2000. He previously held titles such as Chief Strategic Office and Executive Vice President. Working with the companies financing and stock hold relations, Hobson works side by side with Randy Falco. [3]

Andrew Hobson: corporate.univision.com/univision-story

Cesar Conde: President of Univision Networks
Conde keeps busy with the responsibility of maintaining Univision television networks. With the addition of Univision Studios in 2009, Conde keeps track of all 4,000+ hours of original programming that the company produces. In 2002 Conde was appointed by President George W. Bush as one of twelve White House Fellows. He was also recognized by Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40.” [4]
Cesar Conde

Cesar Conde: corporate.univision.com/univision-story

Kevin Cuddihy: President, Univision Television Group
In charge of overseeing all  62 owned and operated television stations, Kevin Cuddihy tries and find ways to take advantage of the television industry. Working with advertising sales and local programming, Cuddihy tries to provide for all stations. Before joining Univision, Cuddihy worked with Comcast Spotlight Sales and CBS.
Contact: 605 Third Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10158
(212) 455-5200Read more: http://corporate.univision.com/contact/#ixzz1teL8zbi1 [5]
Kevin Cuddihy

Kevin Cuddihy: corporate.univision.com/univision-story

Properties: Univision, who serves the Hispanic America, is leading the media company. According to a Burke Brand Equity Study, Univision produces scores higher than any brand ever measured. Univision likes to target equity in categories such as technology, auto and consumer packaged goods. [6]
Univision Networks: in the top five networks in the U.S that reaches 97% of U.S. Hispanic households.  Contact: Eastern Region (212)455-5225; Western Region (310)348-3649
TeleFutura Network, home to popular dramas and novelas that reaches 86% of U.S. Hispanic households. Contact:(212)455-5280
Galavisión Cable: nightly blend of comedy, lifestyle, documentary and supernatural-themed programs. Contact: Eastern Region (212)455-5225; Western Region (310)348-3649
The Nielsen Company

Galavision: Program Based Daypart

Galavisión leads the pack in Program Based Daypart with their wide range of shows that captivate a large audience. [7]

Univision Studio: produces reality shows, dramatic series and other programming formats for the Company’s numerous platforms.
Contact: (305)487-5200
Univision Local Media: owns or operates 62 television stations and 70 radio stations throughout the U.S. Hispanic markers and Puerto Rico.
Univision Interactive Media:#1 most-visited Spanish-Language website. http://www.univision.com/

Properties- Univision.com



4/27/12: Univision is the first partner with SocialGuide, which together will launch Spanish-lanugage Social TV tracking using SocialGuide Intellience (SGI). Being able to indentify social trends in television and media, SGI will allow the companies to discover new opportunities. Today, SGI documents the social interactions and comments on 220 of the most followed broadcast and cable channels.
SGI Works with Univision

SGI Works With Univision <corporate.univision.com/2012/press>

4/23/12: Univision states that the Hispanic population is reshaping the nation, and represents an untapped $1 trillion economy. With the focus to inform, entertain, and empower the hispanic America, Univision aims to use all sources to create a powerful portfolio. These new ideas will be presented on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at New Amsterdam Theater.
RSVP Contact: Rosemary Mercedes (rmercedes@univision.net)
3/14/12: Univision announced the debut of the H2O Music Festival, which will take place June 9th, 2012 in Dallas, Texas. Creating a major music festival will bring emerging artists on stage along with some of the top names in music.“As today’s bicultural, bilingual Hispanic listeners demand a more varied mix of music, Univision Radio will continue to evolve to satisfy its growing audience,” said Jose Valle, president of Univision Radio. The event will take place inside the Cotton Bowl and will feature several rotating stages and sponsered by MiO, the liquid water enhancer. Tickets will go on sale March 20th at  H2OMusicFestival.com.
Connect: Facebook.com/H2OMusicFestival or Twitter via @H2OMusicFest.

H2O Music Concert- H20MusicFestival.com - Click to play promo. <http://youtu.be/FW650xDSE-M>

2/7/12: Univision welcomes Cristina Schwarz back into the family as the new Vice President of Programming and Producion for Univision Cable Networks. Schwarz worked with U.S. cable and satellite companies since her leave from Univision in 2005 and previously was vice president and general manager for numerous television stations within the Univision Television Group. Schwarz will resport to senior vice president Jessica Rodriquez and Sebastian Trujillo, senior vice president and Operation Manager for Galavisión.
Cristina Schwarz

Cristina Schwarz: corporate.univision.com/2012/press

2/6/12: Univision and Disney could possibly stir the pot in the news industry. With talk of starting a news channel this year, established news entities like Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN may have huge competition. According to Brian Shelter, this partnership could allow NCB to slim their production costs and grab more subscribers. This new merge would allow English News channels to obtain the Hispanic members to tune in and vice versa.
Disney Teams up with Univision

Disney Teams up with Univision: NY Times Article

1/7/12: Univision announces 24th Annual “Primio Lo Nuestro” Latin Music Award Performers:
Live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on Thursday, February 16th. Univision has confirmed that international music singer Chris Brown will join Pitbull in stage during the 24th Annual showcase. Other performers include Latin GRAMMY Mexican pop trio Reik, Shaila Durcel, and new comers Luis Fonsi and Tito el Bambino. Tickets can be purchases at www.PremioLoNuestro.com or call Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000. Continuous coverage of “Premio Lo Nuestro” 2012 can be found online and on mobile at www.PremioLoNuestro.com. Fans are also encouraged to follow the show through social networking sites. They can find exclusive content about the show via Twitter @PremioLoNuestro and at Facebook.com/PremioLoNuestro.
Premio Lo Nuestro

Premio Lo Nuestro: Click to watch Pitbull's Performance <http://youtu.be/kbnn3wwTwt8>

Television Shows:
According to Univision.com, Bilingual adults are tuning into Univision stations more than other stations.


Nielsen Ratings: Bilinguals are watching Univision

Newly added

La Rosa de Guadalupe(Sunday: 7pm ET)- Real life stories that captivate the trials and triumphs of life. Incorporating issues such as domestic violence and drug addiction, each episode tries to find life in the worst situations.

La Rosa de Guadalupe

La Rosa de Guadalupe- Click to watch <http://youtu.be/CtWya_n8pU8>


Abismo de Pasión (Monday-Friday: 9pm ET)- Taking place in Yucatán, four young people are brought down and risen to new heights based on their resentment and ambition.

Abismo de Pasión

Abismo de Pasió: Click to watch the Season Preview <http://youtu.be/dL0fDQ0S77E>

Signiture Shows
Delicioso (Saturday 1PM ET)- Ingrid Hoffman hosts a cooking show that celebrates Hispanic traditions.
Ingrid Hoffman

Ingrid Hoffman hosts Delicioso- Click to watch Feb 9, 2012 show. <http://youtu.be/vdHxPkVcz0c>

Sal y Pimienta(Sundays 10PM ET)- Covering the who’s who in the Spanish-lanugage entertainment industry, Lourdes Stephen and Rodner FIgueroa dish about the latest celebrity gossip.

Sal and Pimienta

Sal and Pimienta: Click to watch full March, 23, 2012 Show <http://youtu.be/4R0tT0o-usA>

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