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Univision logo courtesy of Univision.com [1]

Univision logo courtesy of Univision.com [1]

Univision Communications Inc.
605 3rd Ave.
New York, NY 10158
United States
(212) 455-5331


Brief History:

In 1979 Galavisión was the first spanish-language cable network to launch nationwide. During the 1980’s Hallmark Inc. and it’s minority partner First Chicago Venture Capital bought the Spanish International Network television stations, which included Galavisión. The new owners renamed the Spanish International Network to what is now known as Univision Network.[2]
In the 1990’s A. Jerrold Perenchio, Televisa and Venevision acquired Univision from Hallmark Inc. Since then Univision has expanded into various media platforms including radio and digital. Univision Communications Inc. owns and operates various television networks that broadcast sports, music, films, dramatic stories, reality shows, etc. Univision is considered to be the leading media company serving Hispanic Americans. [2]

Media Properties:

Main Executives:

-President & Executive Chief Officer: Randy Falco  Photo courtesy of Univision.com

-President & Executive Chief Officer: Randy Falco
Photo courtesy of Univision Corporate [3]

Falco joined the Univision team back in 2009. Under Falco’s leadership, Univision has added three cable companies and digital offerings.Falco has increased Univision’s revenue and expanded across various multimedia platforms. [4]

Senior Executive VP & Chief  Financial Officer: Andrew W. Hobson Photo Courtesy of Univision.com

Senior Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer: Andrew W. Hobson
Photo Courtesy of Univision Corporate [5]

Hobson has been with Univision since 1993 and throughout his time with the company he has held several leadership roles. Before assuming his current position in 2005, Hobson was the Chief Strategic Officer. [6]


Third quarter 2013 net revenue increased by 10.1% to $692.7 million from $628.9 million in 2012. Also stated is the adjusted operating income before depreciation and amortization (OIBDA) increased by 9.2% to $301.8 million from last year’s $276.5 million. The third quarter came to an end on September 30, 2013 and for the past nine months, the net revenue increased by 9.1% to $1,931.2 million from $1,770.3 in the previous year. Meanwhile the OIBDA also increased to $824.3 million from $713.9 million in 2012. [7]

Recent News:

Photo Courtesy of Global Football Today

Photo Courtesy of Global Football Today [8]

Univision Deportes Leads the Pack in the 2013 Third Quarter

Univision Deportes Network (UDN) is a 24-hour Spanish-language sports network dedicated to providing the Hispanic community with the most sports on a daily basis.UDN was launched in April 2012 and it’s owned by Univision Communications Inc. In the third quarter of 2013 UDN outperformed ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes, making UDN the number one Spanish-language sports network nationwide. UDN also announced that Nielsen will now be able to publicly report ratings for the sports Network. [9]

Primetime viewing audiences for the 2013 third quarter [9]:
Univision Deportes Network 52,000 Adults 18-49; 83,000 P2+
FOX Deportes 31,000 Adults 18-49; 55,000 P2+
ESPN Deportes 31,000 Adults 18-49; 54,000 P2+

These numbers insinuate that Univision Deportes Network is the fastest growing Spanish-language sports channel on the air. Since the recent Time Warner agreement, UD currently reaches 35 million households .

The UDN surpasses all the other Spanish-language sports networks in various aspects. In the 2013 third quarter, Univision’s sports network broadcast more live sporting events than it’s Spanish-language competitors. It reportedly aired 176 live events, which is more than both ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes.

UDN also had a very strong third quarter in the social media department. Since July, Univision Deportes Facebook page has been engaged by fans about 4 times as much as Fox Deportes page and 8 times as much of ESPN Deportes. Meanwhile during the Gold Cup game, Univision Deportes received more social media activity and engagement than Fox Soccer. Throughout the tournament, UDN had about a 25% larger audience on Twitter per match than Fox Soccer. It also had a 30% average Twitter activity per match than Fox Soccer. [9]

Courtesy of Ignites Social Web

Courtesy of Ignites Social Web [10]

Univision Deportes App for Xbox One

In early November 2013, Univision Communications Inc. announced the launch of the Univision Deportes app for Xbox One, which will make it’s debut on November 22, 2013. This app will be the first Spanish-language sports app launched on Xbox One in the country. [11]

The Univision Deportes app will give fans a rare soccer experience by providing them with live streaming and VOD content of Liga MX, the Mexican National Teams and the 2014 World Cup, which are all considered to be some of the most popular sports properties worldwide. [11]. The app will also give sports fans 24/7 worldwide soccer coverage, which includes sports news updates, real-time scores and stats, videos and photographs of all the important soccer tournaments and leagues around the world.

Photo Courtesy of Brands of the World

Photo Courtesy of Brands of the World [12]

HSN Partners Up With Univision to Create an Online Boutique

HSN, the home shopping network, has partnered up with Univision Communications to reach a large amount of the hispanic market. The three-year partnership includes the development of a new shopping portal called Boutique Univision on Univision.com.

Boutique Univision offers electronics, fashion beauty, home decor and cookware products. The shopping portal will also include popular brands such as Vince Camuto, Samsung, Apple, Curtis Stone and Lancôme. These products and brands have been specifically selected for Hispanic costumers.[13]

Promotions for the online boutique began last Thursday (Nov. 14), with popular HSN host Lesley Ann Machado as a special guest on Univision’s morning show “Despierta América.” During the show, Machado and original host Maggie Jiménez announced the creation of Boutique Univision.

HSN has also been promoting the new portal on its network. HSN featured live feed of the announcement during a segment that included chef Lorena Garcia. Jiménez was a guest on the HSN show “Beauty Report” and discussed the fashion and beauty products available on Boutique Univision.

HSN decided to partner up with Univision due to the company’s ability to reach a large number of the Hispanic demographic. The chief marketing and business development officer at HSN Inc., Bill Brand noted “We are able to reach this Hispanic consumer through the most trusted brand in their community, and that’s Univision. That’s an unprecedented opportunity for us.”[13]

Photo courtesy of Famous Logos website

Photo courtesy of Famous Logos website [14]

Univision & Toyota Announced Trans-media Partnership

Earlier this month, Univision Communications Inc. and Toyota announced a trans-media partnership that integrates Toyota automobiles into Televisa’s brand new telenovela “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo.” Part of the partnership includes, Toyota as the main sponsor of this new telenovela, which first aired November 18, 2013. Through this partnership Toyota will be able to reach and influence an entirely new demographic across all media platforms. The two companies have combined various media platforms such as television, digital and social media in order to provide consumers with an immersive multi-platform experience and also to introduce exclusive and interactive opportunities. [15]

Throughout the broadcast of “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo” fans have access to the main characters of the telenovela through a digital correspondence feature, which allows them to become active participants in every new plot twist [15]. Additional content related to the telenovela is also made available to fans. Another way for fans to gain access to exclusive content is through Univision apps but only users who opt to sync up with the Toyota experience will gain access.


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by Samantha Hart

(Click the Univision logo above or here to view The New American Reality of Univision[1][2][3]

Type: Broadcast Television Network
Broadcast Area: United States, Puerto Rico
Country: United States Production
State: Doral, Florida
Slogan: Todos Estamos con Univision – “We All Are With Univision
Launch Date: September 30, 1962
Official Website: Univision.com
Former Names: Spanish International Network (1962-1986)
Key Executives for Univision Communications, Inc. [4]
Randy Falco  – Chief Exceutive Officer
Cesar Conde  –  President
Kevin Conroy – President; Univision Interactive Media and Enterprise Developement
Chiqui Cartagena – Vice President; Corporate Marketing
Charlie Echeverry – EVP Sales; Univision Interactive Media
Jessica Rodriguez – Senior Vice President, Univision Cable Networks
Graciela Eleta – Senior Vice President; Client Development Group


Univision Properties [5]

Brief History:

The Univision / Telefutura Television Group, Inc. operates as a subsidary of Univision Communications, Inc as of 1992. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Univision / Telefutura Television Group, Inc. owns and operates a network of English and Spanish-language television stations (full-power and low-power) in the United States and Puerto Rico. It owns and operates 19 full-power and seven low-power stations that assist the distribution of the Univision Network in multiple areas. These stations are considered to be the number one Spanish-language stations in most markets and continue to outdeliver some English-language stations. Continue to learn the history of Univision Television Group, Inc. [6] [7]

January 2012:

Kicking off in January, DISH Network became the first distributor to launch a number of of Univision’s television networks. The combination of the nations third largest pay-TV provider (DISH Network) and America’s leading company serving the Hispanic demographic (Univision) has led to a multi-year, multi-platform agreement that will begin in the first half of 2012. This will give DISH Network subscribers, specifically Latinos, a chance to obtain a selection of Spanish-language networks and programs from their own homes. DISH subscribers will be provided with Univision Deportes, Univision Tlnovelas, Univision Noticias and Univision Deportes Dos. [8] [9] [10]

In relation to distribution, Univision has highly popular cable television shows and continues to create an assortment of series to relate to the viewer. For example, “The Biggest Loser” is one of America’s most watched reality shows and Univision will be bringing a similar series to its weekly airing during primetime: “Dale Con Ganas.” A reality show, relatively similar to that of “The Biggest Loser,” its host will be Alfonso ‘Poncho’ de Anda, who is also a co-host of “Despierta America” (Wake-Up America).  Four Hispanic trainers, Maria Simon, Mercalo Crudele, Oscar Luna and Luis Alberto Aracena will work to train four Hispanic families over the course of three months. These contestants will fight to lose the most weight in order to receive a whopping $100,000 in prize money and a feeling of satisfaction in themselves and each other. Premiere date is Wednesday, January 11 at 10 PM ET/PT (9 p.m. CT)[11][12]

Another show that premiered on January 30 at 8 P.M. ET/PT (7P.M. Central) is “El Talismán,” a new type of drama between a cynical, yet loving father who loses everything in a poker game. His daughter, Camila falls in love with a man, Pedro.  Secrecy, lies and manipulation drives this television show, enabling Camila’s father to destroy their relationship. The deceit and manipulation keep the audience wanting more, keeping them interested while Camila and Pedro search for the “talisman.” [13] In fact, “El Talismán” delivered the highest produced novela premiere.  Over 5 million viewers tuned in to watch this premiere on Monday, January 30th. [14] During this premiere time, Univision was ranked as the No. 2 broadcast network, beating a number of well-known networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and CW). [15] This show continues to show high ratings weekly according to TVbytheNumbers, Network TV’s Press Releases. [16] [17]

A new cooking show, “Delicioso,” will debut on February 4th at 1:00 P.M. ET/PT (12 P.M. Central). [18] Celebrity chef, Ingrid Hoffmann will be the main host during this one-hour show that will run on the Univision Network. She will teach and instruct viewers how to create and prepare delicious, easy cooked meals for families and friends.  The show will also feature special guests and offer healthy lifestyle commentary and cooking recommendations. [19] Hoffmann commented that her “style of cooking is that of simple and delicious recipes that don’t require elaborate techniques and hours of slaving in the kitchen,” which will be appealing to most viewers due to simplicity. [20] To learn more about Ingrid Hoffman’s cooking show, “Delicioso,” go to Univision.com, keyword: Delicioso. [21]


February 2012:

Univision Communications Inc., announces the new vice president of Programming and Production for Univision Cable Networks as Cristina Schwarz. Being a part of the Univision family for seventeen years, gives her the experience needed to hold such a position with honor and respectability. [22]

TeleFutura is set to premiere International Hit Series of Family Guy on Monday, February 20th at 7 P.M. ET/PT 9 (6P.M. Central). [23] [24] This  hit series portrays the “odd” Griffin  family with sarcastic humor and screwball characters.  The family centered characters consist of Peter (father), Lois (Mother), Brian (Dog), Meg (Daughter), Chris (Son), and Stewie (Baby).  It follows the adventures of this chaotic and irrationally hilarious family in the imaginary town of Quahog. [25] It is sure to win over Hispanics across the country when it is premiered in Spanish. Learn more about Seth MacFarlane’s, Family Guy and it’s outlandish plots. [26]

The finale of “Los Heroes del Norte,” a Galavision original series, ranks as the #1 primetime Spanish-language telecast last night. Over 2 million viewers tuned in to the show’s finale, which followed the show’s five band members on their quest for stardom.  For those who missed the latest episode, episode recaps, videos and photos of the cast are available online at Univision.com, keyword Los Heroes del Norte. [27] “Los Heroes del Norte” did exceptionally well this season, with 18 full episodes airing on Galavision. An average of 278,000 viewers tuned in weekly, a triple-digit growth from last year’s number of viewers. [28]

The hit reality beauty competition “Nuestra Belleza Latina” is set to return for a 6th season.   It will premiere on Sunday, March 4th at 8:00 P.M. ET/PT on the Univision network.  The eye-catching glamour and the thrill of the competition has been reaching the consumer with grand numbers. [29] In fact, the recent premiere of Nuestra Belleza Latina reached 6.7 million total viewers who tuned in to watch the two-hour broadcast. [30]

Univision, the leading Spanish-speaking broadcast network, outranks ABC, NBC, and CBS as the #2 Network for Adults 18-34. The network, which has an average primetime audience of almost 3.6 million viewers, generates 40% more viewers than its leading competitor, ABC. Univision was the only broadcast network that didn’t lose primetime viewership, citing a +5% increase in viewers, while ABC suffered a -2% decrease, CBS suffered a -2% decrease, and Fox suffered a -19% decrease. [31] Sunday nights are the network’s most successful, with shows like “Parodiando” and “Sal y Pimienta” which rake in an average of 2.4 million viewers each week. [32]

March 2012:

TeleFutura delivers double-digit audience growth in February Sweep 2012 in comparison to Novemeber 2011 Sweep.  Set to end the February 2012 Sweep with an extremely strong audience growth in the course of all key demographics. [33] Univision is also set to finish February sweeps as No.1 network on Friday nights among Adults 18-34 with an average audience of 3.6 million total viewers in this specific catgory. [34]

“Nuestra Belleza Latina,” Univision’s top-ranking reality series, announces the 12 finalists that will continue on in the competition. Half of the show’s 24 female competitors were eliminated last night. Friendships were tested and bonds were broken. The remaining contestants will be relocated to a mansion in Miami. There, they will compete in difficult challenges and showcase their talents, in hopes of winning $250,000 in cash and prizes, and the opportunity to become a Univision television personality. The series, in its most-watched season to date, airs every Sunday from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Univision. Since its debut in 2007, the reality show has become one of Univision’s most popular series. [35] [36]

Univision names Michael Rodriguez as Vice President and General Manager of (Miami) Univision Television Group. Making his start at Univision Radio, Rodriquez has upheld his title and experience, and has made a shift in the direction of the Univision Television Group.   [37]

April 2012:

Univision announces that the series finale of “Parodiando,” its top-ranking talent and comedy show, will be two hours long, and air this Sunday at 7 p.m on Univision. The final show will feature the remaining 10 finalists competing for the glory and title of best celebrity impersonator. The series originally featured 58 aspiring comedians, who were one-by-one eliminated by judge and famed celebrity impersonator, Gilberto Gless, as well as a group of Mexican comedians. [38] [39]


Univision, the leading Spanish-speaking broadcast network, names Antonio Roman as senior vice president of National Sales for the Television Station Group. Mark Dante, executive vice president of Television Station Group Ad Sales, made the announcement today. Roman’s experience and his ability to form relationships and develop solutions made him the ideal candidate for the position, Dante said. Roman’s relationship with Univision spans over a decade. He started as an account executive at the KMEX Univision in Los Angeles in 1996, and worked his way up from there, serving as the local sales manager, the vice president of Marketing and Business Development for the Univision Television Group. He also served as vice president of Network Sales, Southeast and Southwest Regions. [40]


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