Legends of Tomorrow Post 6

Last week, the heroes of Legends of Tomorrow went to the future.

Nothing too strange for a show literally relying on traveling around in history to try and stop the villian, the future had to happen. This week’s show took viewers of the CW’s other show Arrow, to a rather familiar city, Star City year 2046. Fan’s of Arrow got a sneak peek of what the future could hold for these Legends. But by doing so falls into the trap that many spin-off shows do.

Legends of Tomorrow is a show built upon characters that were very popular in previous shows and the CW wanted to utilize them well, but what they have found themselves in is a hole where they can not build upon anything new. The stakes are high and the world is in danger, but by bringing characters back to a city they already have a life in, and another show in, the CW traps Legends.