Black Lighting #12 – Streaming on Netflix

Throughout the premiere season of Black Lightning, The CW has consistently advertised streaming platforms where new episodes could be watched. On Twitter/Instagram accounts for the show, the cast, and writers, advertisements for The CW’s online streaming service occurred weekly. Now that the season has ended, there is a new approach to advertising streaming services for the show that includes Netflix.

Only a week after the final episode aired on April 17th, the entire season 1 of Black Lighting was available on Netflix only in the US and UK. It appears that the network planned this to happen after the success of the show on the network, drawing in a constant viewership of .5 for audiences 18-49.

The CW also has a good relationship with Netflix where most of their original shows are available and consistently updated every season (in the US). For Black Lightning, it will be interesting to follow how viewership changes considering the first season will be available until season 2 premieres.


Black Lightning released on Netflix TODAY – what is the DC Comics series about and who is in the cast?


Good Girls #12

The penultimate episode of Good Girls’ season aired yesterday. They held steady with a rating of 0.9 and an audience of 4.14 million, only experiencing a loss of 0.34 million and a rating drop of 0.1. The show is still holding strong with 4 cancellation bears, meaning that it is likely to be renewed. The stars of the show still continue to actively promote the show. They are tweeting about the show every night before it airs and even using gifs from the show in other tweets. In addition, Mae Whitman and Retta both appeared on a cross-promotion between Apple TV and NBC’s app. It was small promo in which they encourage viewers to watch the show on Apple TV, followed by a short trailer for the show, which at the end had a logo of the NBC app and apple TV. Apple TV’s twitter account posted the promo, and then both Whitman and Retta re-tweeted it. Christina Hendricks on the other hand has been making the news as she is currently on a festival tour for the film she appeared in Egg. In the Deadline article she is described as the star of the show Good Girls. At least in that way she is promoting the show, the film is also about a mother so it could lead to some people being interested in watching the show since it also follows mothers.

Roseanne #3

Roseanne has remained the top show for delayed viewing measures. It topped all of its broadcast competition, with its closest competition being “The Big Bang Theory”. However, even though Roseanne continues to do well, people are still outraged by the antics of the show. After the fourth episode of Roseanne, multiple plot holes and timeline inconsistencies were introduced. WIth this, it completely rewrote the original season finle as if it didnt happen, enraging many loyal viewers who had been waiting for the reboot anxiously. Overall, people are continuing to watch and love Roseanne, even though they might not completely agree with Roseanne Barr, that does not mean they don’t like the show.

Station 19 #12

Station 19 is currently at four bears, according to “TV By the Numbers”, meaning it is more likely than not that it will be reneewd for another season. Even though it has not been a breakout hit for ABC, it has maintained good enough ratings to be renewed. Renewing Station 19 is the best case solution for ABC to continue with its TGIT branding, especially now that Scandal has ended. With two more episodes before the finale, Station 19 has pretty much found their adueince. The ratings have remained consistant, more notably with the last two weeks with a 1.0 share among 18-49.

Good Girls #11

Good girls continues steady as it attains a rating of 1 once again this week with an audience of 4.45 million. Although the show has the highest ratin in the time slot, CBS’ Scorpion drew in a higher audience of 5.12 million. I find it interesting that it seems that rating is cited more often rather than audience, when compairing audiences in the same time-slot. According to TVbytheNumbers Good Girls is still hanging on and getting renewed for next season. Co-Stars Retta and Mea Whitman continues to heavily promote the show on twitter.

It must also be mentioned that Allison Tollman made her debut in her reoccurring guest starring role. And this week was the second time that she appeared in an episode. In addition, to that the show seems to continue to get a positive response from both audiences and critics. The critics were skeptical at first to see how both the story and the characters would develop. However, they recently have been very content with the direction the show is taking.

Life Sentence #11

Life Sentence’s finale date has been released by the CW. The date is set to be on June 15, 2018 at 8 pm. Fans of the show are still waiting on edge for the CW to announce if they will be continuing the show. When looking at Rotten Tomatoes, fans rated the show with a 78% rating that they enjoyed the show. The critics, on the other hand, only gave a 37% rating.

The upcoming Friday, April 20th, there will not be a new episode of Life Sentence. There hasn’t been a new episode since April 4th.  Instead there will be an episode of Jane the Virgin playing in the time slot on Friday evening. The next episode will be on April 27th at 9pm. Through social media, the cast and show has posted for fans to take the week to catch up or re-watch past episodes. I believe this is because with the shifting to a new night, they have to wait for the show already in that time slot to finish up the season.

Life Sentence #10

Life Sentence still seems to be struggling. TVbythenumbers still has Life Sentence with 2 bears on the renewal/cancel counting. With the series being in a few weeks, it doesn’t seem likely for a renewal.

With Lucy Hale staring in the newly released movie Truth or Dare, this could either hurt Life Sentence or help them. Lucy Hale’s promotion aim seemed to have shift towards promoting more for the movie now, trying to get fans to head to the theaters. This is taking away from the promotion of her television show, which hasn’t been doing well over the past 5 weeks since premiere. It could possibly help her show though. This is because those who go and see the movie my be likely to look at her Instagram and see that she stars in the series. It could possibly help get people to check out the series online or on demand, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

Good Girls #10

Good Girls had a really good week. They got a rating of 1 this week which is an upgrade from 0.9 last week. Most impressively they got an audience of 5.44 million people which is the second highest audience they have gotten, only behind their premiere night. This seemed to solidify that they have a steady audience. In fact, their cancelation bears moved up. They now have 4 cancelations bears which means that they are likely to get renewed in May. TV by the numbers also mentioned that although the rating of 1 is not great, it is a good rating for a 10PM show. In addition the show is produced by a sister production company so it is even more likely to get renewed.

Mae Whitman also made an appearance on the show Harry, which is on CBS. She makes mentions of the show in her interview, in addition to that they posted an article on MSNBC which had the title of the show on it highlighting the interview.

Black Lightning #10 – Past Promotional Success

Before the premiere of Black Lightning, the cast and writers of the show interviewed on several news shows and magazine platforms. This is an expected marketing strategy for series before their 1st season on a network. However, Black Lighting heavily focused their promotions in 2 primary demographics: African Americans and comic book fans. Prior to the show’s premiere, the cast and writers all conducted serval interviews at the 2017 Comic Con and several interviewed with Black-owned news outlets.

Essence Magazine held interviews with each cast member regarding the show and their thoughts about being a Black superhero. Throughout the article, the author stresses the importance of having a Black-centered show on television. As I have mentioned before, the show received attention for breaking records such as being the first show to show a Black female, lesbian superhero.

In July of 2017, the cast and writers of Black Lighting interviewed with a variety of companies at the Comic-Con International Festival in San Diego. Hollywood Reporter, Variety, CNet, and Deadline are just a few of the news compies that reported on Black Lighting and shared interviews with the main character and Samil and Mara Akil (the shows writers).



Station 19 #10

Station 19 episode 4 – which aired on April 5 is being called the “best episode so far”, except the ratings fell since last week. However, it is beginning to find a steady audience so hopefully the ratings will begin to stay consistent week after week. As for promotional talks, Jason George and Jaina Lee Ortiz talked to ABC7 about their characters and what we can expect to see this season. Jason George got emotional when he talked about how Shonda Rhimes approached him to leave Grey’s Anatomy. However, he believes it was an opportunity he could not pass up, and is so thankful he took it. Their twitter continues to be constantly updated every Thursdays with gifs about the show. No sign yet if it is going to be renewed for next year, but hopefully we will know by the halfway point of the season.