A.P. Bio #5

Shaking Up the Schedule:

NBC announced this past a week a huge disruption to its already unique introduction to the series. The series aired a “preview” episode on Thursday March 1st at 9:30pm before taking a break until after the olympics concluded. (During this time the first 4 episodes of the show were available on Hulu).

This week though could get very confusing for viewers trying to follow the show. Last night following the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics the show premiered its second episode. This was very much out of its normal time slot. Additionally this Thursday the show was supposed to premiere into regular programming Thursdays at 9:30pm but now it will air its third episode at 8:30 pm and the fourth episode at 9:30pm. Then next week on March 8th the show will permanently move into an 8:30 time slot.

I can imagine that changing the schedule of a show around its first few weeks is critical and can easily cost a program viewers. The question here is if the decision was because NBC is already concerned about ratings for the show and trying to find a way to boost the ratings up before it hits regular programming?