Splitting Up Together #4

With 1 month before the show airs I have seen very minimal promotion of the show beyond what I have already discussed such as the show twitter, or the show trailer. Here I will look at what the show has not been doing but should be to promote itself:

  1. Cast Appearing on Late Night
    1. A great way to promote a show is talk about it on shows people already watch. This has yet to happen with the show.
  2. Promoting on Social Media
    1. Beyond twitter (where you dont see promotion unless you follow the show) I have seen no promotions. A great thing the show should do is sponsor ads on instagram or on Snapchat as I have seen done by other shows I follow
  3. Release updates
    1. If I google “Splitting Up Together news” most of the articles are from November or even further back. The show has not been keeping itself up to date.