Alex, Inc. (6)

During the 90th Academy Awards on ABC, two short promos for Alex, Inc. aired. Each had a running time of only fifteen seconds and featured Zach Braff as the prominent figure to compel audiences to tune in. There was also a focus on Braff’s return to television in each of the ads. Interestingly, one of the advertisements contained a reference to Scrubs, Braff’s previous ABC show that attracted a large audience for almost ten seasons. However, it is unclear if this choice to incorporate Scrubs with this new show resonated with fans, as twitter users like @memles said “We’re promoting Alex Inc. with Scrubs jokes? I mean, I’m not mad, but that’s a choice.” Overall, though, the choice to promote Alex, Inc. during the Oscars as a general advertising decision from ABC appears valuable, as the network gets to promote its own television program on a night that attracts millions of viewers.