Alex, Inc. (8)

Zach Braff is continuing his press tour for Alex, Inc., which premieres this Wednesday. As part of this promotion, Braff gave an extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter that was published on Sunday, March 25th. In the interview, Braff asserts that his return to television was contingent on the right opportunity, and Alex, Inc. was the first idea to cross his path since Scrubs ended that thoroughly sparked his interest. The actor-director says that he “wasn’t even entertaining the idea” of returning to the small screen until this new project came to him. Braff also notes that he saw parallels between himself and Alex Schuman, his character in the show, and that is part of what drew him to the project.

Braff has been doing interviews for multiple news media organizations as part of this press tour, all leading up to Alex, Inc.’s premiere, which is just a short three days away.