Black Lightning #7 – Powerhouse Show

As Black Lightning continues its first season, the show has proved to be a huge success for  The CW. According to TV by the Numbers, the show consistently pulls in a steady viewership of .5 and a 2 share, just a .2 difference from the networks leading show The Flash. TV Series Final averages the show’s constant viewership at 1.8 million for viewers 18-49, which makes it the third most viewed show on The CW behind The Flash and Supergirl.

This is important to notice considering both The Flash and Supergirl have a year to year change in viewership of  -16.82% and -15.50%. The CW’s top shows are decreasing in their viewership and it is important to consider how Black Lighting will help them pull in a larger and consistent audience (especially since it is a DC Comic storyline).

These numbers will be crucial to the progression of Black Lighting and how The CW plans to continue growing their overall viewership.



CW 2017-18 Season Ratings (updated 3/27/18)

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