Deception #10

The fifth episode of ABC’s Deception, “Masking,” holds its lowest rating and total viewers of the first season. According to TV By The Numbers, the magician-turned-FBI-agent crime drama series scored a .7 in a 3 share, and 3.7 million viewers overall. In true hockey stick formation, the show has dropped from a 5.9 to around 4, and now down to 3.7. The series has ceased to be downward adjusted which shows some stability.

Ilfanesh Hadera (@ilfenator) took over the @DeceptionABC instagram for Sunday’s premiere. The attempt to connect audiences to the actors of the show, especially the lesser known actress, did not increase average likes. Hadera’s “takeover” posts received around 600 likes on average, while the instagram usually rakes in around 900-1,000 likes.

Hadera only made her acting debut in 2010. The Ethiopian-European actress is most well-known for her role in Baywatch. However, the actress has 181K followers, which is vastly more than the series’ 5.5K followers. Instead of the series moving followers to Hadera, it might just be the other way around.