Deception #12

Deception has returned after a two week break between episodes 5 and 6 of the first season. Episode 6, entitled “Black Art,” received a .6 in a 3 share with 3.38 million total viewers. Deception stacked up on Sunday at 10pm against Madam Secretary on CBS and Timeless on NBC.

The competition between these shows is somewhat fierce. Madam Secretary and Deception share very similar ratings and shares. Both received the same .6 in 3 share this past Sunday. However, the CBS Sunday hit show raked in nearly double the amount of total viewers.

Over at 30 Rock, the NBC show based on science fiction time travel struggles to compete in the Sunday time slot. Timeless received a .5 in a 2 share, with 2.36 million total viewers, a full million fewer than the ABC competition.

Madam Secretary has a leg up as it is already on season 4. Whether Deception is picked up for a second season is still in question. Once we know the answer, audiences will find it easier to know which Sunday show will make it out on top.

Deception #11

Episode 6 of Deception, ABC’s new magic-crime-action drama, did not air this past Sunday, April 15th, 2018 as scheduled due to a special that aired on ABC. “James Comey: ABC News Interview” raked in a 1.7 in a 7 share with 9.87 million total viewers. This was a timely and necessary move made by ABC executives for the Sunday evening, 10PM timeslot.

Comey, former FBI director under the Trump administration, released his book that criticized Trump’s practices in the White House earlier last week. The interview aired on Sunday and led scaled the ABC network average to a 1.3 in a 5 share, with 7.17 million viewers total.

Deception will air normally next Sunday, with the finale airing two days afterwards, an abnormal timeslot, Tuesday.

Roseanne #2

ABC’s reboot of the sitcom Roseanne continues to be the surprise hit of the season. Per data from analytics firm Samba TV shows that the number of households who are fans of Fox News that watch Roseanne have skyrocketed 65% meanwhile viewership among households who are fans of cable shows like MLB Channel, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and BET, which tend to attract younger and more diverse audiences, have fallen by around 40%. This has to do with Roseanne Barr continuing to promote President Donald Trump and her right-wing conspiracy theories on Twitter. This has struck a nerve among many conservatives who had previously felt their views were being underrepresented in the media. ABC has already renewed Roseanne for another season, which they are proud of due to the immense negative publicity surrounding ABC’s reboot of American Idol.


Another issue being brought up regarding the renewal of Roseanne is the fact that the reboot is straying from the original characters and plot. While the original focused on Roseanne coming to terms with the physical abuse she suffered for years due to her father, and why she was against corporal punishment. However, in an episode this season she is seen pinning her “bratty teenage daughter Harris” and spraying her with a kitchen sink hose.




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Station 19 #11

Station 19 has not been a tremendous hit for ABC, but has done well enough to most likely be renewed for a second season. It most likely will build a shared world with Grey’s Anatomy, much like the Chicago shows on NBC.  This will most likely help Station 19 with ratings. Station 19 is also the best solution for ABC to continue its TGIT branding on Thursday nights through next season, since Shondra Rhimes will be making new shows for Netflix. However, ABC will try to hold onto Rhimes shows for as long as possible. In this weeks episode, “Shock to the System”, the team responds to a dangerous car accident that could have shocking results. Dr. Miranda Bailey, from Grey’s Anatomy, makes an appearance to check out husband Ben Warren’s, star of Station 19, new work community and meet the fellow firefighters. This is the first of many crossovers that are bound to happen between the two shows. As for Station 19’s ratings, it got a 1.0/4 with 5.59 million viewers. It came in second, below Mom on CBS but was above Showtime at the Apollo (FOX), Will & Grace (NBC) and Arrow (CW).

Deception #10

The fifth episode of ABC’s Deception, “Masking,” holds its lowest rating and total viewers of the first season. According to TV By The Numbers, the magician-turned-FBI-agent crime drama series scored a .7 in a 3 share, and 3.7 million viewers overall. In true hockey stick formation, the show has dropped from a 5.9 to around 4, and now down to 3.7. The series has ceased to be downward adjusted which shows some stability.

Ilfanesh Hadera (@ilfenator) took over the @DeceptionABC instagram for Sunday’s premiere. The attempt to connect audiences to the actors of the show, especially the lesser known actress, did not increase average likes. Hadera’s “takeover” posts received around 600 likes on average, while the instagram usually rakes in around 900-1,000 likes.

Hadera only made her acting debut in 2010. The Ethiopian-European actress is most well-known for her role in Baywatch. However, the actress has 181K followers, which is vastly more than the series’ 5.5K followers. Instead of the series moving followers to Hadera, it might just be the other way around.

Roseanne #1

As Roseanne aired their second episode of the new revival season, it delivered a 3.9 rating in adults 18-49, which is down 25% from the premiere last week. However, it is still Tuesday’s number one show by a large margin and is effecting ABC’s other comedies. Roseanne is up against The Voice (NBC), NCIS (CBS), Lethal Weapon (FOX) and The Flash (The CW). It has also already been picked up for a second season next year. The huge success of the reboot has captured many peoples attention, but mainly ones in political circles due to the enormous viewership in “Red America”.  With the star, Roseanne Barr, who has a heavy media presence, between exhibiting conspiracy theories and quixotic readings of the president’s intentions, she is striking up a chord within America. People are opting to not watch the reboot because of Barr’s political views. However, many that do watch Roseanne say that it does not influence their political views and are able to separate a TV show from their own personal views. It will be interesting to see how Roseanne continues to do as the “newness” of the reboot wears off.

Deception #9

The Sunday, April 1st premiere of the fourth episode of ABC’s “Deception” came up a tenth of a point in adults 18-49, to reach a 0.8 rating in a 3 share. The episode entitled ‘Divination’ had 4 million total viewers. The network average for ABC is a 1.2 rating in a 5 share, and 5.82 million viewers for this past Sunday. This is the first week that “Deception” has not been downward adjusted since the show’s premiere date on March 11th.

The producer of the show, David Kwong (@davidkwong), is clearly the most prevalent on social media, showing his passion in magic and dedication for his new show. Aside from being one of the crossword constructors for the New York Times, Kwong reveals many of character Cameron Black’s (Jack Cutmore Scott) magic tricks from the show, with help of Francis (@MenottiMagic). Whether that is more popular among magicians, whose potential tricks might be revealed, or viewers, whose curiosity may be satisfied, is undetermined. What shows, regardless, is his driving interest and experience in magic.


Station 19 #9

Station 19 is on its second week and the ratings grew on Thursday night, compared to the previous week’s two hour 9-11 pm launch (1.2 vs. 1.1), which is rare for a debuting show. Station 19 took the No. 1 spot at 9pm on the 29th and was ABC’s biggest overall viewing in that timeslot since Premiere week, earlier in the year. As Station 19 marks Shonda Rhimes last new show with ABC before moving to Netflix, it is showing a promising trajectory with viewers, and is more successful then her other new show, For the People.


During the second episode of Station 19, the hashtag #Station19 was not trending, however the Shonda Rhimes #TGIT twitter was at the top throughout the night. The Station 19 twitter has been relatively active on days of the show, posting gifs with quotes to get interaction with fans




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Deception #7

ABC’s Deception premiered on Sunday, March 11 at 10PM. According to TV By The Numbers, the premiere adjusted down a tenth to 1.2 in adults 18-49 in a share of 5. This was at its regular time slot of 10PM. Deception goes up against Timeless on NBC and Madam Secretary on CBS. It received the highest rating at 10PM among those shows. Deception accumulated 5.93 million viewers. The network average of total viewers for ABC is 8.21 million to give you some perspective.

The premiere itself was graded an A for Awesome by 36% of readers, and 35% for B, Very Good. The pilot itself was interesting and details of the protagonist Cameron Black’s failed career as a magician were revealed. The episode ends by establishing a stable antagonist character who framed Black’s twin brother that he worked alongside in performance tricks.

Station 19 #8

“Station 19” premiered with an average of 1.1 rating among adults 18-49 for its two-hour premiere, which was below NBC’s “Chicago Fire” which was 1.2 for both hours in the demographic. “Fire” had more total viewers overall, averaging 6.88 million over the two hours compared to “Station 19”’s 5.42 million. “Station 19” was premiering against non-time zone adjusted NCAA games, which might have been a reason for the lower viewership.  “Grey’s Anatomy” was the lead-in to “Station 19” which pulled a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 and 7.5 million viewers, coming in second place right after college basketball. These numbers for “Station 19” are not up to par with what ABC had predicted, but still hoping that viewership grows in the next week, especially with “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” having their season finales soon. This is the first-time Shonda Rhimes has showed a Latina leading one of her shows, which is a shift from the black and white heroine’s viewers are used to seeing. Andy Herrera, the main character, shows that Latinas are more than their stereotypes of “spicy” eye candy and irritating supporting roles, and are strong woman who are the same as everybody else. As for press, Herrera talked to E! News for an exclusive first look at the poster and talked about her character on the show.

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