World’s Funniest Fails Week 2

After a solid debut, Terry Crews and Fox’s new live-comedy show World’s Funniest Fails has tapered off a little bit in the death slot on Fridays from 8-9pm. The reason for the drop in ratings is because of multiple sporting events in the basketball world taking place on Friday night. The NBA has an “NBA Friday Night” event where the two games (8pm and 1030pm) attract all the male audiences which just happens to be World’s Funniest Fails exact demographic. The NBA All-Star game was also two weekends ago and that sucked all the male ratings out of Friday night too. However, with all that said I still believe the show will continue to put up solid ratings and the total viewers continues to hover around 2.75 million. The show is absolutely hysterical, Terry Crews has a very good background of hosting shows and lastly, who doesn’t want to see people make complete fools of themselves? Look for the show’s ratings to increase and check it out if you want to laugh for an hour straight on FOX @ 8pm on Fridays.