Secrets and Lies – Week 3

The big push from ABC to promote its new 10-episode crime thriller “Secrets and Lies” began in earnest on Sunday night. The promo for the new show was the first to air following the Oscars. It seems as though the marketing of the show is base on its plot, not the cast. It is likely because no marquee names are slated to appear in the first season.

As mentioned in previous posts, the show is centered around Ryan Phillippe’s character Ben Crawford. The 40-year-old actor has not appeared in a majorĀ recurring role since “Damages” went off the air in 2011.

Crawford stars opposite KaDee Strickland, formerly of “Private Practice” and Juliette Lewis, a 1991 Academy Award nominee for her supporting role in “Cape Fear.”

It is highly unlikely in the next few weeks that we will see “Secrets and Lies” market the show based on a cast member the way that CSI Cyber does by naming Patricia Arquette.