Blindspot- Post #2

The early reviews for “Blindspot” have been relatively positive. The critics are all agreeing that this seems like an exciting new show calling it, “the surest drama bet this fall” (Eonline). Jamie Alexander is proving to be an interesting leading lady that has everyone talking. “I have been waiting for Jamie Alexander to snap a leading role worthy of her badassness and she’s definitely found it” (Eonline).

The demographics for the Greg Berlanti produced show fall in line with some of his other shows, such as, “Arrow”, “The Flash”, and “Supergirl”. The action/thriller, “Blindspot” is marketing to the (mostly) male demographic, similar to that of other “superhero” shows. Even though “Blindspot” is not a superhero show, many elements and similarities can be drawn in correlation to the main character and superheroes.

The social media outreach on “Blindspot” is relatively low, with only 9,932 followers on twitter and 1,712 instagram followers, but holds a decent 90,216 likes on facebook. However, I do expect those numbers to grow once the show premieres next week.