Limitless- Post #2

Initial reviews of CBS’s new action thriller, Limitless, remain somewhat skeptical.  One of the first published reviews from called the show “smooth and genuinely exciting” as well as “well- executed”.  However, they also reported the show to lack “substance” in the story.  Overall, the review deemed Limitless as visually appealing and enticing. [1]

Entertainment Weekly recently sat down with Limitless show director, Marc Webb.  Webb also directed both of The Amazing- Spidermans and revealed how the Executive Producer of both Spiderman and Limitless, Alex Kurtzman, referred him to the script.  Although, it is interesting how little involvement the director of Limitless, Neil Burger, had in the television adaptation.  Webb noted that him and Burger only “emailed once or twice”. [2]

Despite this, support from the film’s star, Bradley Cooper, executive producer, as well as the involvement of a successful director in the genre, Limitless seems to have all the right ingredients for a popular premiere next week.