Code Black – Post 5

The second episode of Code Black aired on October 7th at 10 pm. The ratings from adults 18-49 fell to 1.2, which was 0.3 lower than the premiere which was 1.5. The total number of viewers also had a significant decrease and fell from 8.58 million to 6.83. It however once again was beat by NBC’s Chicago P. D which had a rating of 1.5, but won the time slot for total number of viewers.

One factor that contributed to the lower ratings, was the decrease in ratings for Criminal Minds which is the lead in to Code Black. Because Criminal Minds lost a large portion of its audience, so did Code Black– there were a lesser amount of viewers who stuck around the watch.

Keeping in check with the ratings, the reviews of Code Black have not been that great. put it under the category “The Awful” regarding new Fall shows, saying “someone call 911 for Code Black because its dying.”  It seems to early to tell if this show will be successful or not, and it might take a few more episodes for Code Black to get its footing on the network. In Tv By The Number’s Renew or Cancel section, Code Black has an index of 0.78 which means that it is still a tossup whether or not it will be renewed or cancelled by May 2016.

I look forward to seeing how Week 3 plays out and if Code Black’s rating is higher or lower than this past week.