Minority Report- Post #8 New Relationships are Forming

Talk of Minority Report has started to die down again. The only thing that people have to say about it lately is to question whether or not the show is going to get canceled. This week the ratings pretty much plateaued again at .6/2.

This week the show started to take a new turn. This week focused more on the sister, Agatha’s life. The crime takes place in her home as opposed to in the big city. This seems strange to me because the show is starting to form new relationships even though they know the show is most likely getting canceled. Agatha is bonding with Laura Vega, the main cop, relationships are forming back in the city and alliances are being made. This episode does however start to unravel the season long mystery of whether or not the 3 siblings are safe from a new milk-bath or not. There are only 4 episodes left to find out.

There’s always the possibility that Netflix or another online site might pick up this show to continue it, but I don’t think that will be the case because the show is very predictable and there isn’t much character development.