Blindspot – Post #8

“Blindspot” seems to have hit its average. The past few weeks in the ratings have been somewhat of a rollercoaster, with the ratings increasing and decreasing. The steady stream has seemed to hit an even baseline. This week, the rating was a 2.1 with 7.91 million viewers. This is a .1 drop from last week’s ratings. It was the top rated program in the 10 P.M. time slot among all the major networks.

I also wanted to point out some interesting information I got from an article published in Variety this week. The article was a series scorecard for all of the new shows. “Blindspot” was pointed out as the top freshman series out of all the network’s new launches.

The show has slightly declined in live ratings since its premiere. But that is pretty normal for a show to open high and slightly decline. The key to the show’s success in the ratings is the DVR/VOD audience. “Blindspot” is the new fall show with the biggest DVR and VOD playback. The pilot episode premiered to 10.61 million viewers, but lifted to 16.59 million viewers. With an additional 5.98 million viewers, the lift was the highest among all network shows.