Minority Report- Post #12 People’s Choice Award

This coming Monday is going to be Minority Report’s final episode. The season and series will be over. None of the over-the-top(OTT) subscription sites have picked it up to continue and as far as I know none of the international networks have picked it up either. This past week the ratings dropped as well. The ratings dropped to .54 and 1.52 million viewers. According to some sites, this might be because it was a holiday week and people were traveling and not as focused on their weekly television schedules, causing fewer viewers to tune in this week. Minority Report also did not follow the tradition of having a Holiday themed episode. Most series write an episode either around Thanksgiving or Christmas/ New Years, or both. Minority Report did not take part in this and it does not look like that will be the case for the finale next week either. There was no advertising for a holiday special and there was very little commercial time for the series finale either.

Before the pilot premier and throughout the series the show never really had very much publicity. I noticed that I was always seeing commercials for Fox’s other shows as opposed to Minority Report. They have however started to sell commercial time for the episodes that are shown online on Fox.com. I am not sure if this is the case for the show when it airs during its prime time slot on Monday nights though.

The most shocking part about this whole season is that even though it is most likely over after this season, the fans that watched really support it. The show was nominated for a people’s choice award. This isn’t a huge award show but it still means that it has fans that voted for it.

This season has left me with multiple unanswered questions. First, will this effect Spielberg’s reputation at all because he put his name on it as the executive producer and played a huge role in the beginning phase of the show? Will this people’s choice award nomination increase awareness and start talks for possible deals to keep the show going through other OTT and VOD subscription sites? Most importantly, how will it end?! Will the Precogs end up back in the milk bath and if so will they stay there? I am finally hooked to this show as is sadly comes to and end, but I will just have to wait and see.

Minority Report- Post #11 Publicity

This week Minority Report’s rating actually went up. It went from a .63 to a .7 but then viewers actually dropped from 1.75 million to 1.74 million viewers. It is up for debate whether or not the break from the show during the week of November 9th was successful or not for the show when they aired a Bones rerun instead. Minority Report luckily had a higher rating than the Bones rerun last week.

After watching a lot of television I have seen a multiple commercials for other series that premiered this season, but I haven’t seen any for Minority Report. I wouldn’t even know about the show if it weren’t for this class or my internship this past summer. Fox has not done a good job advertising for Minority Report. There are things on social media, but the numbers of followers is very low. The show only has a little over 8,000 followers on Twitter and a little over 120,000 likes on Facebook. I wonder how the show would have done if it had more publicity in the beginning.

Minority Report- Post #10 Bones aired instead

This week on Fox, Minority Report’s 8th episode did not air so there are no ratings for the show this week. Instead Fox played a rerun of the 200th episode of Bones titled “The 200th in 10th”. This was a rerun of the 200th episode that originally aired back in 2014. This episode scored lower than Minority Report normally scored in terms of ratings. Bones got a .5/2 rating and only had 1.58 million viewers. Fox as a whole isn’t doing so great in terms of ratings either. Fox averaged a 1.0/3 and 2.85 million viewers for the night. This was high compared to the CW, but still far behind NBC, ABC, and CBS. As for Minority Report, Fox most likely held back on airing episode 8 because they need the series to last until November 30th. There are 3 episodes left to air and 3 weeks left to air them now. The show will most likely not be returning in 2016 though.

Minority Report- Post #9 Spielberg’s Involvement

This week on Minority Report the ratings dropped again. The ratings dropped to a .63 and it had about 1.7 million viewers. There hasn’t been much buzz around the show lately except for when Fox dropped the last three episodes, which is surprising considering Spielberg is the executive producer of show. I was curious if he had any involvement or if he was just given a check so that the show could put his name on the show. It turns out that he was involved a lot in the beginning of the show. He took part in casting to the point where he had to sign off on every casting decision and allowed the producers and directors to use the same machinery and props from the original film. Spielberg was involved with everything preproduction involving casting, visual affects and props, and cinematography. He was not however involved in the writing which makes me wonder how he feels about having his name attached to a show that is not doing very well and will eventually be canceled.

Minority Report- Post #8 New Relationships are Forming

Talk of Minority Report has started to die down again. The only thing that people have to say about it lately is to question whether or not the show is going to get canceled. This week the ratings pretty much plateaued again at .6/2.

This week the show started to take a new turn. This week focused more on the sister, Agatha’s life. The crime takes place in her home as opposed to in the big city. This seems strange to me because the show is starting to form new relationships even though they know the show is most likely getting canceled. Agatha is bonding with Laura Vega, the main cop, relationships are forming back in the city and alliances are being made. This episode does however start to unravel the season long mystery of whether or not the 3 siblings are safe from a new milk-bath or not. There are only 4 episodes left to find out.

There’s always the possibility that Netflix or another online site might pick up this show to continue it, but I don’t think that will be the case because the show is very predictable and there isn’t much character development.

Minority Report- Post #7 How will it end?

This week the ratings for Minority Report continued to drop to a .6/2, but this time only 1 point down as opposed to 2 like in the past. I sadly think this season is going to be a lost cause for the series. There was not enough advertising done for this show from the start because I’m assuming that the Network was banking on the fact that the series is based off of a Tom Cruise/ Spielberg Film and would have a loyal fan base from 2002. This however has not been the case because the show has not been doing well at all.

Since the show will most likely not be continuing after this season, I am curious to see how much the show will unravel and if the pace of the show will speed up in order to have a series finale for episode 10. The show has only just premiered episode 5 as of last night.

Minority Report- Post #6 Cut Backs

This week, Minority Report’s rating plateaued and remained at a .7/2. However, the number of viewers dropped from 2.3 million viewers to 2.05 million viewers. This drop in viewership is leading to cutbacks from Fox. This show will sadly most likely not make it to a second season.

Last week, Fox cut back from 13 episodes to 10 episodes. This did not cause too much stress because the 3 episodes that were cut were going to be aired after the fall hiatus. The 10th episode was always meant to be the big finale of the season and Fox will still air the last 10 episodes based on the original plan. Based on the fact that Fox already cut back on the last 3 episodes and no other media platform has picked up the show, Minority Report will most likely be canceled after the first season. The season finale might end up doubling as a series finale as well.


Minority Report- Post #5 Possibly Losing its Prime Time Spot?

“Minority Report” falls further and further in ratings every week. This week it fell .2 points again to a .7 rating with a total viewership of 2.3 million viewers. According to Variety, “Minority Report” might end up losing its prime time spot following “Gotham” if these ratings continue. According to Variety its opening night, which brought in 3.1 million total viewers and a rating of 1.1, “was the lowest average for any of the fall’s big Four premiers to date, and it has only gone downhill from there.”

The reviews have been tough on the show as well and USA Today in particular did not have very nice things to say about the show and the storyline. To quote USA Today, “A procedural that tries to use gimmicks to mask the emptiness of its characters and the transparency of its central mystery? Check.” Things are not looking good for “Minority Report” and I’m not sure if there will be much more a season to review.



Minority Report- Post #4 Slowly Crashing

This week was not a great week for “Minority Report”. Last week it premiered quietly, going somewhat unnoticed and without making a big splash. Unfortunately this week the rating dropped from 1.1 to a .9 in adults 18-49. It also only brought in a total of 2.57 million viewers.

After watching this week’s episode, I can agree with this rating. The first episode I watched was different than what I had originally watched over the summer. I had the opportunity to watch pilots and write coverage for my internship this summer, and Minority Report was one of the pilots I watched. After watching it live I realized they changed it from the original. They must have changed the pilot once Nick Zano was signed on to the show. The new pilot had a more intense storyline, but unfortunately I don’t see this show doing much better throughout the season. Unless this show manages to get picked up abroad or by a VOD network, I don’t think people will be seeing much more than a season or 2 of it. It’s still early in the season though, so who knows what’s going to happen.

Minority Report- Post #3 The Premier Results

The day has finally come, “Minority Report” has premiered. The pilot episode was pretty much just an episode to set the scene for the series and start a larger story. The format of the show seems like each week will be a mini mystery or crime that needs to be solved, while a potential love story and a family reunion slowly unravel throughout the season. After watching the first episode, I am definitely hooked due to the thrilling possible crime scenes, attractive cast, and the little futuristic digs at things that exist in today’s society, but the overall viewing public did not seem to be on the same page as me.

According to “TV By The Numbers”, the show only got a 1.1% rating for the 18-49 rating and a 3.10% rating for the live + same day viewing. There are no L+5 or L+7 ratings yet because the show just premiered last night. I will have to keep following it and see where the show goes. Unfortunately, Gotham’s new season premiering before did not help with Minority Reports ratings because the ratings dropped between Gotham and Minority Report. People must have tuned out at 9, which isn’t do great for Fox.