Scream Queens – Post #9

The fall TV season has surpassed its first month of being on air, and the fate of new series are beginning to be announced; renewals, series limitations and general cuts. Scream Queens has yet to hear back from FOX executives, and though it may seem a bit late in the game, patience has become the new norm. Due to increased viewing in live+3 and live+7, broadcasters like FOX are forced to evaluate a plethora of data and then interpret said information. Executives must also balance future revenue opportunities. Since Scream Queens has FOX as its producer, distribution deals are a helpful side aspect to be taken into account. A great benefit from this specific series is that it targets a young female audience – advertisers have trouble reaching this category elsewhere. Ultimately from all of the data, FOX will evaluate the series with all of these factors taken into account. Does FOX foresee a reliable long tail for the future for Scream Queens fans?