Grandfathered Post #9

Last week, Grandfathered got the full season order from Fox which followed their Tuesday night partner in crime, The Grinder’s, pick-up, as well. According to Deadline, it has always been the plan to give full season order to these freshmen Fox comedies. All of the fates of Fox’s fall lineup have been decided. Minority Report was the only show to receive a reduction, which shows the Fox overall had a strong Fall Primetime lineup. Interestingly, Grandfathered is a co-production between 20th Century Fox TV and ABC Studios, which is important because the content is shown on Fox.


The mixed reviews are in for Fox’s Grandfathered.

According to Critics reviews MetaCritic, many feel that that show is extremely similar to the comedy Raising Hope. I initially did not make this connection, but now I definitely see where those critiques are coming from. Also, many viewers feel that John Stamos’ character Jimmy is strong, but it is the supporting characters that need work. The characters portrayed by Josh Peck and Christina Milian are definitely in need of some tweaking according to the critics, but fortunately the show will now have time do develop these characters during the remainder of the season.