Cooper’s Guide – Post #4

Perhaps it is a good thing that I began blogging about another show because Cooper’s Guide seems to be in trouble.  After a nearly month-long hiatus for the Super Bowl, the show returned on Valentine’s Day to a dismal 0.8 rating with 1.74 million viewers, down from a rating of 1.17 for its previous episode.  The TV by the Numbers website gives Cooper’s Guide two smiley faces out of five, which indicates the show is “likely to be canceled by May 2016.”  Even if the show makes it through the season and I am able to keep blogging about it, it appears unlikely that it will survive to see a second season.  Perhaps a lack of promotion during the hiatus to maintain interest was the cause for the drop in ratings.  One area the show definitely could have done a better job in is in its social media presence, as the hashtag #CooperBarrett was not particularly active and did not keep fans interested during the break.