Shades of Blue: Post 5

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Ever since Shades of Blue renewed for a second season, I have noticed an increase in the promotion of the show. This week, Jennifer Lopez appeared on the Today Show to talk about her role on the show and she has been extremely active on social media.

I have also been watching the social media accounts for Shades of Blue, and they have been increasing their posts and engagement. The show is now up to 19,000 twitter followers. They are very interactive with viewers, and like  to tweet back at least 10 times a day. On the days the show, its creators and cast as all tweeting throughout commenting on what action is happening.

The show currently has 170,915 Facebook likes, and uses this media platform to post a lot of sneak peek clips, and pictures of the cast with impactful quotes for the show. The show also started to do “Question & Answer” sessions over Facebook with cast members. The show does this right before show time to get viewers excited and talking about the show on social media. Viewers want to interact and talk with the talent, so this is a strategic move to engage the audience.

Twitter Following: 19K

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