Shades of Blue: Post 9 (Season Finale)

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Shades of Blue wrapped up its first season last Thursday. The season ended with a little boost in ratings of 1.10 in the 18-49 demo with 5.425 million viewers. That is a 5.75% increase from the previous weeks ratings.

Social media was buzzing during the finale as the episode left the audience with a lot of questions to be answered in season two.

I have not seem much written about season two, besides the episode order will be for 13 episodes.  A Variety reporter, Elizabeth Wagmeister, said that information came from the showrunner for Shades of Blue, Jack Orman.

Season one also had 13 episodes, which is a shorter order. reported that is most likely because of  Jennifer Lopez’s busy schedule.

Lopez told People Magazine in an interview that it took the Shades of Blue team 2.5 years to develop the show and get the script and characters right. She also said she is not sure where the show will go from here, but it will be back for season 2 on NBC.

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Shades of Blue: Post 8

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Last Thursday (March 24), Shades of Blue earned a 1.05 rating in the 18-49 demo with 5.13 viewers which was a .61% increase from last week.

This week Variety reported that it was announced that Sky has bought the U.K rights to Shades of Blue, and the show will play on the networks channel Sky Living. It was reported that the show will premiere in the U.K. later this year.

Digital Spy reported that Sky 1 and Sky Living director, Adam McDonald, said, “This New York detective drama is a perfect fit for the channel, and I can’t wait for customers to see the brilliant pairing of Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta in action.”

The season finale is next week, and I have not heard anything about season 2 yet. As soon as Shades of Blue finishes it looks like the following week there will be an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit then the following week it will be an all new Game of Silence. 




Shades of Blue: Post 7

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We are now on the 11th episode of Shades of Blue, and the numbers have been leveling off the past couple of weeks. On Thursday, March 17, the  audience numbers for Shades of Blue actually increases, although the trend has been decreasing. In the 18-49 demo the Nielsen reported that the show had 5.099 viewers and earned a rating of 0.97. This is the lowest rating thus far in season 1. However, the ratings have been staying around 1.0.

On Thursday March 10, the rating was 1.01 and the episode brought in an audience of 4.859 million in the 18-49 demo.

Although the show was picked up for a second season, the number indicate that it may be canceled before it makes it to season 3.

The shows social media accounts continue to stay active and engage with viewers. Every week the shows following increases, as the show really pushes using the hashtag #shadesofblue. On NBC’s main page they show that a sneak peak clip from Shades of Blue is “trending now.” NBC also has a page that allows you to watch all episodes of the show.

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Shades of Blue: Post 6

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Shades of Blue is down in ratings these past few weeks, and continues to look viewers. Neilson reported that in the 18-49 demographic in the last week viewers went from 4.98 to  4.73 million viewers. The rating stayed about the same at 1.

Dan Buffa, an Entertainment contributor of KSDK, did a review on the show that brings insight to some of the choices NBC may be making.

Unlike most reviews I have read, Buffa said that Ray Liotta is what makes a “normal run-of-the-mill cop show” great. Although he said Liotta helps the show, he said a show like this shouldn’t expect to see any Emmy Awards.

“All network cop shows have some good and lots of bad. The days where David Mamet and Michael Mann patrolled these streets are long gone and showrunners like Adi Hasak (screenwriter of 3 Days to Kill and From Paris with Love) try to do their best imitation of true grit for a season or two before it starts to stink,” he said.

Although Buffa said a show like Shades of Blue has many imperfections, he suggests people “soak up the tiny moments of greatness. It’s a fast food restaurant with an occasional great order. It has its moments.”

Buffa notes that this is because there are some very well written scenes and great acting with Liotta in season 1.

“He is the reason to watch this show,” Buffa said. “Without him, the show dies faster than a romantic subplot.”

He believes Liotta is key to the show because he “automatically commands your attention with his intensity, approach to a character, and complete buy in.”

On the note of Jennifer Lopez, Buffa said, “when you look at J. Lo and wonder if she went from the set straight to her concert show in Las Vegas, just look back at Ray and smile with satisfaction.He’s a real old school actor. He elevates this show. Hasik knows this and puts him in nearly as many scenes as Lopez.”

Buffa said he thinks the show has gotten better week by week, but the ratings don’t agree with that. Regardless they have been picked up for a second season.

“NBC knows it can leverage a corruption story mixed between NYC cops and the FBI for at least one more season. With star power like Lopez and a talent like Liotta, this show can run for a while. Law and Order: SVU may run until I am in a nursing home, so Shades of Blue has a little pasture to gallop across and the writing doesn’t have to improve much,” Buffa said.

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Shades of Blue: Post 5

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Ever since Shades of Blue renewed for a second season, I have noticed an increase in the promotion of the show. This week, Jennifer Lopez appeared on the Today Show to talk about her role on the show and she has been extremely active on social media.

I have also been watching the social media accounts for Shades of Blue, and they have been increasing their posts and engagement. The show is now up to 19,000 twitter followers. They are very interactive with viewers, and like  to tweet back at least 10 times a day. On the days the show, its creators and cast as all tweeting throughout commenting on what action is happening.

The show currently has 170,915 Facebook likes, and uses this media platform to post a lot of sneak peek clips, and pictures of the cast with impactful quotes for the show. The show also started to do “Question & Answer” sessions over Facebook with cast members. The show does this right before show time to get viewers excited and talking about the show on social media. Viewers want to interact and talk with the talent, so this is a strategic move to engage the audience.

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Shades of Blue: Post #4

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There is an interesting critics review written by Daniel Fienberg (The Hollywood Reporter) that describes Shades of Blue as a vanity project for Jennifer Lopez.   I took this as Fienberg saying Lopez has enough money she could retire,  and enough accomplishments to keep worked for fame afloat. Lopez has a not of money and fame on her hands, and some could argue that taking on this project does not necessarily do anything for her. This review talks about how “vanity project” has a negative connotation attached to it and how with a name like Lopez attached to the new television show, NBC is getting some major exposure. Having Lopez on board also allowed for a full season to be guaranteed, giving the writers time to develop her character.

“The downside is that Shades of Blue is, as a whole, not a very good show,” Fienberg said. “Still, it’s at least a bad show in a way that’s compatible with a lot of Lopez’s bad movies, so it should satisfy its intended audience.”

He goes on to note that the series creator, Adi Hasak, must have looked at Lopez’s previous work to understand that viewers like seeing her playing an authoritative role, “who get victimized or victims who right back, and consequently crafted a hybrid of Angel Eyes and Enough. Lopez’s role of Harlee Santos fits just that.

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Shades of Blue: Post #3

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NBC’s Shades of Blue is taking on another season:

Variety reported this week that NBC picked up Shades of Blue for a second season. The show’s ratings have decreased slightly week-by-week, but they still show promise because of the star power of Jennifer Lopez.. This past week the show got a 1.09 rating with about 5.4 million viewers.  Lopez has such star power that overall she is carrying the show and it has still been successful for NBC.

Thursday night at 10:00 can be a tough program slot, but Variety also reported that Shades of Blue gave NBC “it’s first Thursday-at-10 wins with in-season regular programming over original competition on ABC and CBS since March 2010 in the demo and since March 2008 in total viewers.”

The number of episodes for season two was not announced, but due to Lopez’s star power season one (13 episodes) went straight-to-series. Variety reported that since Lopez has such a busy schedule it is likely that the second season will also be short.

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