Shades of Blue: Post 7

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We are now on the 11th episode of Shades of Blue, and the numbers have been leveling off the past couple of weeks. On Thursday, March 17, the  audience numbers for Shades of Blue actually increases, although the trend has been decreasing. In the 18-49 demo the Nielsen reported that the show had 5.099 viewers and earned a rating of 0.97. This is the lowest rating thus far in season 1. However, the ratings have been staying around 1.0.

On Thursday March 10, the rating was 1.01 and the episode brought in an audience of 4.859 million in the 18-49 demo.

Although the show was picked up for a second season, the number indicate that it may be canceled before it makes it to season 3.

The shows social media accounts continue to stay active and engage with viewers. Every week the shows following increases, as the show really pushes using the hashtag #shadesofblue. On NBC’s main page they show that a sneak peak clip from Shades of Blue is “trending now.” NBC also has a page that allows you to watch all episodes of the show.

Twitter Following: 21.3 K
Facebook Page Likes: 178,898