Shades of Blue: Post 8

Word Count: 162

Last Thursday (March 24), Shades of Blue earned a 1.05 rating in the 18-49 demo with 5.13 viewers which was a .61% increase from last week.

This week Variety reported that it was announced that Sky has bought the U.K rights to Shades of Blue, and the show will play on the networks channel Sky Living. It was reported that the show will premiere in the U.K. later this year.

Digital Spy reported that Sky 1 and Sky Living director, Adam McDonald, said, “This New York detective drama is a perfect fit for the channel, and I can’t wait for customers to see the brilliant pairing of Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta in action.”

The season finale is next week, and I have not heard anything about season 2 yet. As soon as Shades of Blue finishes it looks like the following week there will be an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit then the following week it will be an all new Game of Silence.