Good Girls #6

Good Girls had a good second week as it only went down slightly to a rating 1.3 with a viewership of 5.42 million. This is particularly good considering that they were up against the finale of The Bachelor on ABC. The show is also doing really well considering that the second highest rated show of the night was Scorpion on CBS with a rating of 0.8. They have three cancelations bears in TV by the numbers which commented that a rating of 1.5 is good start. Their biggest challenge being surviving the typical decrease in ratings during spring.

Christina Hendricks continues to avoid the public eye while co-stars Mea Whitman and Retta are out doing interviews. Both of them appeared on the social media livestreaming show Build Series. While Retta made an appearance on NBC’s show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a day after the first episode aired.