Good Girls #12

The penultimate episode of Good Girls’ season aired yesterday. They held steady with a rating of 0.9 and an audience of 4.14 million, only experiencing a loss of 0.34 million and a rating drop of 0.1. The show is still holding strong with 4 cancellation bears, meaning that it is likely to be renewed. The stars of the show still continue to actively promote the show. They are tweeting about the show every night before it airs and even using gifs from the show in other tweets. In addition, Mae Whitman and Retta both appeared on a cross-promotion between Apple TV and NBC’s app. It was small promo in which they encourage viewers to watch the show on Apple TV, followed by a short trailer for the show, which at the end had a logo of the NBC app and apple TV. Apple TV’s twitter account posted the promo, and then both Whitman and Retta re-tweeted it. Christina Hendricks on the other hand has been making the news as she is currently on a festival tour for the film she appeared in Egg. In the Deadline article she is described as the star of the show Good Girls. At least in that way she is promoting the show, the film is also about a mother so it could lead to some people being interested in watching the show since it also follows mothers.

Good Girls #11

Good girls continues steady as it attains a rating of 1 once again this week with an audience of 4.45 million. Although the show has the highest ratin in the time slot, CBS’ Scorpion drew in a higher audience of 5.12 million. I find it interesting that it seems that rating is cited more often rather than audience, when compairing audiences in the same time-slot. According to TVbytheNumbers Good Girls is still hanging on and getting renewed for next season. Co-Stars Retta and Mea Whitman continues to heavily promote the show on twitter.

It must also be mentioned that Allison Tollman made her debut in her reoccurring guest starring role. And this week was the second time that she appeared in an episode. In addition, to that the show seems to continue to get a positive response from both audiences and critics. The critics were skeptical at first to see how both the story and the characters would develop. However, they recently have been very content with the direction the show is taking.

Good Girls #10

Good Girls had a really good week. They got a rating of 1 this week which is an upgrade from 0.9 last week. Most impressively they got an audience of 5.44 million people which is the second highest audience they have gotten, only behind their premiere night. This seemed to solidify that they have a steady audience. In fact, their cancelation bears moved up. They now have 4 cancelations bears which means that they are likely to get renewed in May. TV by the numbers also mentioned that although the rating of 1 is not great, it is a good rating for a 10PM show. In addition the show is produced by a sister production company so it is even more likely to get renewed.

Mae Whitman also made an appearance on the show Harry, which is on CBS. She makes mentions of the show in her interview, in addition to that they posted an article on MSNBC which had the title of the show on it highlighting the interview.

Good Girls #9

Good Girls got a rating of .9 and and an audience of 4.27 million which gave them the same numbers they got last week with the adjusted ratings. It must be noted that Good Girls keeps getting adjusted down for most weeks. This week they had to compete with the premiere of ABC’s show The Crossing which is replacing The Good Doctor which was winning the time slot every week over Good Girls. The premiere only got them a rating of 1 which is not great for the premiere of a series. It will be interesting to see if Good Girls is able to take over the time slot. This weeks episode got a great reviews with many saying that this has been the best one so far.

The stars of the show Mea Whitman and Retta have both been increasing the amount of tweets about the show. In addition to their tweets have been encouraging viewers to catch up with the show either through Hulu or on the NBC website.

Good Girls #8

Good Girls continues to produce steady rating by scoring a rating of 1.0 and an audience of 4.28 million this week. This is not surprising as the show continues to have good reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a an audience approval of 80%, while at the same time maintaining a rating of 7.2 on IMDB. It is also doing okay with critics as it has a 61% fresh on rotten tomatoes and a 60 metascore. The cancellation bears are still holding steady still unsure about the show’s renewal. It think it is likely that the show gets renewed because it is holding steady above the ratings of the shows that are expected to be canceled. We are certain to find out soon as NBC’s upfront approaches in mid-May.

NBC also exclusively revealed to EW that Allison Tolman is joining the show in a recurring guest role. She is best known for being in Downward Dog and Fargo. She is most likely to join the three main protagonists in their shady business.

Good Girls #7

The ratings for Good Girls saw a drop from 1.3 the previous week to a 1 for it’s third show. For the fourth week it kept steady by getting a rating of 1.  The Good Doctor continues to dominate the time slot by getting ratings of 1.8 last week and 1.6 this week. Cancellation bear is still unsure whether or not the show will be renewed or not. It should survive as long as the ratings don’t drop from a 1. For this week’s episode they had a cross over with the show Superstore by featuring the fictional store Cloud 9 in this week’s episode.

In the Twittersphere, Good Girls co-stars Retta and Mea Whitman continue to post about every upcoming episode. In addition, the Good Girls twitter page live tweets the show with little quotes and gifs. The twitter page also updates the page with re-tweets of fans expressing how much they enjoy the show. They also utilize these re-tweets to link to more content related to the show. For example, someone praised the show’s music so they linked to their Spotify playlist. These are intelligent tactics to keep the show on viewers’ minds.

Good Girls #6

Good Girls had a good second week as it only went down slightly to a rating 1.3 with a viewership of 5.42 million. This is particularly good considering that they were up against the finale of The Bachelor on ABC. The show is also doing really well considering that the second highest rated show of the night was Scorpion on CBS with a rating of 0.8. They have three cancelations bears in TV by the numbers which commented that a rating of 1.5 is good start. Their biggest challenge being surviving the typical decrease in ratings during spring.

Christina Hendricks continues to avoid the public eye while co-stars Mea Whitman and Retta are out doing interviews. Both of them appeared on the social media livestreaming show Build Series. While Retta made an appearance on NBC’s show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a day after the first episode aired.


Good Girls #5

Good Girls premiered this Monday at 10pm following the episode of The Voice. It had a strong start with a rating of 1.5 and audience of 5.98 million. Good Girl’s ratings were the top for the time slot beating out the premiere of CBS’s Living Biblically, ABC’s The Good Doctor’s new episode. The combination of The Voice’s high rating of 2.8 in addition to Good Girl’s strong start help NBC win the night. The show has gotten mixed reviews from the audience with a rating of 6.9 on IMDB, 57% rotten tomatoes critic rating and a 71% of the rotten tomato audience liked it. A lot of the critics are discussing the merits of the shows titles and whether or not the show merits it’s sarcastic title.

Good Girls #4

Good Girls are making sure to use their star power the week before the show’s release. Parks n Rec alumni Retta is front and center this week. NBC is making use of both her star power by sending her out to do interviews. Both of the interviews Retta was involved with centered around her rise from being a background character to a leading role. The first interview put her in the cover of backstage magazine titled “Retta’s Rebirth”, while the second one was an interview with Retta has also increased the mentions of Good Girls in twitter with the premiere of the show less than a week away. She posted a reaction video of herself reacting to the show’s billboard, a teaser of the show, and reposted the Good Girl’s twitter page post. Good Girls’ twitter account followers number has remained steady.


Good Girls #3

Good Girls is two weeks from release and this week the show’s twitter account has really locked down on Valentine’s day to promote the show. They have mostly used the hashtag “#GalentinesDay”, through this they are choosing to highlight the comradery and independence of the women in the show as the most important factor. They are first having a “Good Girls Galentine’s Day” brunch on February 13th in which  the public is invited to come as long as they RSVP. The other one is a promotion with Venmo in which they are encouraging users to reply with their venmo account and “why you and your #GoodGirls deserve a little spending money.” This is a really intelligent marketing move as this contest is likely to draw a lot of traffic to their twitter account, especially since Retta re-tweeted it. The whole use of Galentine’s Day also fits into NBC’s marketing today as they have really been promoting their content with the hashtag.