Life Sentence #6

Life Sentence certainly has stepped up their game when it comes down to promotion of their show. With the shows premiere date only a few days away, the cast and crew of the show have taken to various outlets of distribution to get the final words out about the show. Social media has been the most used outlet throughout the production of the show and now into the premiere and season.  There have been short video promotions created with the leads of the show to spark interest, countdown to the premiere data to try and bring about excitement, and newspaper articles about the show with interviews with Lucy Hale and the cast on the show and the experience of shifting to the new show. The CW has also released promo videos from cast members explaining who their character was to the fans, an inside look into the characters.

An advertisement for the upcoming premiere of Life Sentence was shown during the 90th Annual Academy Awards. This was a large promotion for them, stepping outside of their CW bubble and the social media world that their promotion had mainly consisted of.

Way to step up your game, CW.

14 thoughts on “Life Sentence #6

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