Life Sentence #11

Life Sentence’s finale date has been released by the CW. The date is set to be on June 15, 2018 at 8 pm. Fans of the show are still waiting on edge for the CW to announce if they will be continuing the show. When looking at Rotten Tomatoes, fans rated the show with a 78% rating that they enjoyed the show. The critics, on the other hand, only gave a 37% rating.

The upcoming Friday, April 20th, there will not be a new episode of Life Sentence. There hasn’t been a new episode since April 4th.  Instead there will be an episode of Jane the Virgin playing in the time slot on Friday evening. The next episode will be on April 27th at 9pm. Through social media, the cast and show has posted for fans to take the week to catch up or re-watch past episodes. I believe this is because with the shifting to a new night, they have to wait for the show already in that time slot to finish up the season.

Life Sentence #10

Life Sentence still seems to be struggling. TVbythenumbers still has Life Sentence with 2 bears on the renewal/cancel counting. With the series being in a few weeks, it doesn’t seem likely for a renewal.

With Lucy Hale staring in the newly released movie Truth or Dare, this could either hurt Life Sentence or help them. Lucy Hale’s promotion aim seemed to have shift towards promoting more for the movie now, trying to get fans to head to the theaters. This is taking away from the promotion of her television show, which hasn’t been doing well over the past 5 weeks since premiere. It could possibly help her show though. This is because those who go and see the movie my be likely to look at her Instagram and see that she stars in the series. It could possibly help get people to check out the series online or on demand, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

Life Sentence #9

The face you make knowing that Life Sentence is running the risk of cancellation.

Life Sentence doesn’t seem to be doing so great as the weeks go on. After only a few weeks out, Life Sentence seems to be falling down in the ratings. For week four of the show, for the 18-49 rating, it only hit a .10 rating and .42 for overall. This is a decline from the .2 rating from the week before and .49 over all from the previous week.

CW also just went through with their renewal season, renewal the majority of their shows, including another first season show Black Lightening. Life Sentence is one of the three that still has their fate up in the air. The cancelling bears on tvbythenumbers gave Life Sentence two bears, drop from their previous three bear holding.

CW has also made the decision to move Life Sentence to a Friday time slot. This is a HUGE deal when considering the possibility of a renewal. The Friday time slot is seen as the death spot, where shows seem to go when failing. Only time will tell for the life line of Life Sentence.

Life Sentence #8

Life Sentence seems to be averaging the similar numbers from week two to three when it comes down to the 18-49 age group. The numbers for overall viewers seems to be going down though. It dropped from a .62 for week two to a .49 for week three. There is still the same verdict in the air from the cancelling bears on whether this show would be renewed: it is up in the air, with just three bears.

Some advertising that Life Sentence has switched to through their social media is that they want fans to go to the website and through the CW app to view past episodes and gain insight on the show and the actors. They have been tweeting saying that those who haven’t seen the show can catch up by going online to the website or apps to watch on demand.

Some buzz this week with Lucy Hale was her reunion with old Pretty Little Liars cast mate, Ian Harding. Fans have been going crazy with this reunion. It could work in favor of Life Sentence. All the hype over the reunion could lead fans towards Hale’s social media and therefore leading them to the advertising she’s done for her CW show.

Life Sentence #7

Going on week three for the CW’s new series, Life Sentence. Life Sentence seemed to have a soft opening when it comes down to ratings. It got a 0.3 for week one and 0.21 for week two within the 18-49 demographic. They had a 0.76 for week one and 0.62 for week two when counting the viewers by the millions. TVbythenumbers is up in the air on whether the show will be continued into a new season, only giving three dancing bears. It’s still early to tell though, with it only being out for a few weeks.

Advertising for the show has increased since right before the air date and then following. Social media has been covered and increased, with Snapchat advertising and cast and crew showing their support for the show and more advertising being done across networks for the show. Lucy Hale has also been on The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon a few days before the release date to discuss the show and her transition into something new.

Life Sentence #6

Life Sentence certainly has stepped up their game when it comes down to promotion of their show. With the shows premiere date only a few days away, the cast and crew of the show have taken to various outlets of distribution to get the final words out about the show. Social media has been the most used outlet throughout the production of the show and now into the premiere and season.  There have been short video promotions created with the leads of the show to spark interest, countdown to the premiere data to try and bring about excitement, and newspaper articles about the show with interviews with Lucy Hale and the cast on the show and the experience of shifting to the new show. The CW has also released promo videos from cast members explaining who their character was to the fans, an inside look into the characters.

An advertisement for the upcoming premiere of Life Sentence was shown during the 90th Annual Academy Awards. This was a large promotion for them, stepping outside of their CW bubble and the social media world that their promotion had mainly consisted of.

Way to step up your game, CW.

Life Sentence #5

With only a few weeks left before the March 7th air date, there has not been much promotion besides what has been shown on their social media accounts. When one is to research the show and the cast, there is only the basic methods of advertising for the show being stated.

  1.  Appearing on Talk Shows
    1. While this is a great way to get the show out there for people to hear about, Life Sentence hasn’t been set up for any shows yet. There has been a few interviews with star Lucy Hale, but nothing of real prominence.
  2.  Social Media
    1. Social media seems to be the only method of advertising being used by the show besides on their own network. Stars are able to reach out to their fans in order for them to get excited for the new show.  While this may work, it isn’t reaching the whole audience demographic, only a small group of fans.
  3. New Releases
    1.  When searching online for updates on the show, it seems to be repeated information, nothing new coming out. It also seems to be mainly the promo videos being shared on multiple websites or links to their social media.
    2. There has been a bit of a break with star Lucy Hale and websites following her journey from her past popular show to this. There have been interviews with her about the change and how she has impacted the shows creation.

Life Sentence #4

One promotional method that Life Sentence is using is social media platforms. They have established their target audience being 18-35 year olds and they know it will largely be a female audience base. When looking at this demographic, one can only assume that social media is a major aspect in their social lives.The use of social media seems like an obvious way to each their audience and catch their attention. This seems to be the main method, besides advertisements on their network, that the CW is promoting their show. This is an interesting change from the old Billboard concept from years ago.

The show itself has Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Along with this comes the CW Network social media platforms and also the director/writers/etc. accounts.  This is where the show announces New things coming to the show or showcases new promotional content. This could be new promotional videos, new artwork, retweets of things posted by the actors, etc.

The actors themselves play a huge role in promotion on social media. Lucy Hale, who is playing the lead role of the show as Stella, uses her accounts to advertise for the upcoming show. She shares insight on the production process, promotional videos from the networks, and her own personal photos/videos of her with her cast mates. Lucy Hale knows that those who follow her on her social media accounts are mainly fans of hers.  By using this as an outlet, she is able to spark their interest in her upcoming show.


Life Sentence #3

This past week has been on a status quo for Life Sentence.  Their social media has continues to tweet and post on their Instagram and Facebook on the new promotional videos and art content.

Lets take a look at the people who have worked to create the show. The creators of the show are Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith. Erin is an actress, director, producer and writer all wrapped into one. She is known best for her writing in Life Sentence, acting in Passions, and many  one time appearances on over 40 shows. She co-executive produced 13 episodes of Fuller House and now she’s on to executive producing 2 episodes of Life Sentence. Both Erin and Richard created 11 episodes of Life Sentence and have written two of the episodes. Richard Keith, just like Erin, is known for his work across the board. He is known best for the coming Life Sentence, a writer for Fuller House and many acting rolls from one time appearances to multiple episode appearances.

The production companies used in the making of Life Sentence are Doozer, In Good Company, and Warner Brothers Television. The CW Network is the distributor for the U.S. and Bravo Network for Canada.

Life Sentence #2

With the premiere date approaching, CW’s Life Sentence, created by Erin Cardillo, Richard Keith, is stepping up their game with promotions.  While having a twitter account since January of 2017, a Facebook account Instagram account created around the same time, and actors from the show tweeting, the shows social media presence is ever growing. Actress, Lucy Hale, is consistently sharing photos from set on her personal Instagram and twitter to promote the show to her already consistent fan base. CW also released new promotional trailers this past week.

While looking at the facts of the show, one needs to look at the upcoming competition. The television listings showcase that Life Sentence will be competing with shows like Law and Order: SVU on NBC, Relative Success with Tabatha on Bravo, Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network, Property Brothers on HGTV. Along with these comes the ever growing popular online service programs, and reruns being shown on television as well.

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