Good Girls #7

The ratings for Good Girls saw a drop from 1.3 the previous week to a 1 for it’s third show. For the fourth week it kept steady by getting a rating of 1.  The Good Doctor continues to dominate the time slot by getting ratings of 1.8 last week and 1.6 this week. Cancellation bear is still unsure whether or not the show will be renewed or not. It should survive as long as the ratings don’t drop from a 1. For this week’s episode they had a cross over with the show Superstore by featuring the fictional store Cloud 9 in this week’s episode.

In the Twittersphere, Good Girls co-stars Retta and Mea Whitman continue to post about every upcoming episode. In addition, the Good Girls twitter page live tweets the show with little quotes and gifs. The twitter page also updates the page with re-tweets of fans expressing how much they enjoy the show. They also utilize these re-tweets to link to more content related to the show. For example, someone praised the show’s music so they linked to their Spotify playlist. These are intelligent tactics to keep the show on viewers’ minds.