Life Sentence #8

Life Sentence seems to be averaging the similar numbers from week two to three when it comes down to the 18-49 age group. The numbers for overall viewers seems to be going down though. It dropped from a .62 for week two to a .49 for week three. There is still the same verdict in the air from the cancelling bears on whether this show would be renewed: it is up in the air, with just three bears.

Some advertising that Life Sentence has switched to through their social media is that they want fans to go to the website and through the CW app to view past episodes and gain insight on the show and the actors. They have been tweeting saying that those who haven’t seen the show can catch up by going online to the website or apps to watch on demand.

Some buzz this week with Lucy Hale was her reunion with old Pretty Little Liars cast mate, Ian Harding. Fans have been going crazy with this reunion. It could work in favor of Life Sentence. All the hype over the reunion could lead fans towards Hale’s social media and therefore leading them to the advertising she’s done for her CW show.