Life Sentence #9

The face you make knowing that Life Sentence is running the risk of cancellation.

Life Sentence doesn’t seem to be doing so great as the weeks go on. After only a few weeks out, Life Sentence seems to be falling down in the ratings. For week four of the show, for the 18-49 rating, it only hit a .10 rating and .42 for overall. This is a decline from the .2 rating from the week before and .49 over all from the previous week.

CW also just went through with their renewal season, renewal the majority of their shows, including another first season show Black Lightening. Life Sentence is one of the three that still has their fate up in the air. The cancelling bears on tvbythenumbers gave Life Sentence two bears, drop from their previous three bear holding.

CW has also made the decision to move Life Sentence to a Friday time slot. This is a HUGE deal when considering the possibility of a renewal. The Friday time slot is seen as the death spot, where shows seem to go when failing. Only time will tell for the life line of Life Sentence.