Good Girls #10

Good Girls had a really good week. They got a rating of 1 this week which is an upgrade from 0.9 last week. Most impressively they got an audience of 5.44 million people which is the second highest audience they have gotten, only behind their premiere night. This seemed to solidify that they have a steady audience. In fact, their cancelation bears moved up. They now have 4 cancelations bears which means that they are likely to get renewed in May. TV by the numbers also mentioned that although the rating of 1 is not great, it is a good rating for a 10PM show. In addition the show is produced by a sister production company so it is even more likely to get renewed.

Mae Whitman also made an appearance on the show Harry, which is on CBS. She makes mentions of the show in her interview, in addition to that they posted an article on MSNBC which had the title of the show on it highlighting the interview.