Good Girls #12

The penultimate episode of Good Girls’ season aired yesterday. They held steady with a rating of 0.9 and an audience of 4.14 million, only experiencing a loss of 0.34 million and a rating drop of 0.1. The show is still holding strong with 4 cancellation bears, meaning that it is likely to be renewed. The stars of the show still continue to actively promote the show. They are tweeting about the show every night before it airs and even using gifs from the show in other tweets. In addition, Mae Whitman and Retta both appeared on a cross-promotion between Apple TV and NBC’s app. It was small promo in which they encourage viewers to watch the show on Apple TV, followed by a short trailer for the show, which at the end had a logo of the NBC app and apple TV. Apple TV’s twitter account posted the promo, and then both Whitman and Retta re-tweeted it. Christina Hendricks on the other hand has been making the news as she is currently on a festival tour for the film she appeared in Egg. In the Deadline article she is described as the star of the show Good Girls. At least in that way she is promoting the show, the film is also about a mother so it could lead to some people being interested in watching the show since it also follows mothers.