Black Lighting #12 – Streaming on Netflix

Throughout the premiere season of Black Lightning, The CW has consistently advertised streaming platforms where new episodes could be watched. On Twitter/Instagram accounts for the show, the cast, and writers, advertisements for The CW’s online streaming service occurred weekly. Now that the season has ended, there is a new approach to advertising streaming services for the show that includes Netflix.

Only a week after the final episode aired on April 17th, the entire season 1 of Black Lighting was available on Netflix only in the US and UK. It appears that the network planned this to happen after the success of the show on the network, drawing in a constant viewership of .5 for audiences 18-49.

The CW also has a good relationship with Netflix where most of their original shows are available and consistently updated every season (in the US). For Black Lightning, it will be interesting to follow how viewership changes considering the first season will be available until season 2 premieres.


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