Deception #12

Deception has returned after a two week break between episodes 5 and 6 of the first season. Episode 6, entitled “Black Art,” received a .6 in a 3 share with 3.38 million total viewers. Deception stacked up on Sunday at 10pm against Madam Secretary on CBS and Timeless on NBC.

The competition between these shows is somewhat fierce. Madam Secretary and Deception share very similar ratings and shares. Both received the same .6 in 3 share this past Sunday. However, the CBS Sunday hit show raked in nearly double the amount of total viewers.

Over at 30 Rock, the NBC show based on science fiction time travel struggles to compete in the Sunday time slot. Timeless received a .5 in a 2 share, with 2.36 million total viewers, a full million fewer than the ABC competition.

Madam Secretary has a leg up as it is already on season 4. Whether Deception is picked up for a second season is still in question. Once we know the answer, audiences will find it easier to know which Sunday show will make it out on top.

Grammy Awards

An Overview of The Show

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards was held on Sunday, January 28th 2018 at Madison Square Garden by the CBS network–the first time since 2003 that the Grammys were not held in Los Angeles. The Grammys aired at 7:30 EST, hosted by late night television host James Corden for the second year in a row.

Kendrick Lamar opened with a compelling performance with the American flag and men in fatigues and ski masks as backup dancers. U2 and comedian Dave Chapelle joined in, with Chapelle saying the most quoteable line of the night–“The only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America. Sorry for the interruption.”

Ke$ha supported the #MeToo movement clad in all white during a performance alongside Cyndi Lauper, Bebe Rexha, Andra Day, and others. Janelle Monae made a direct tribute in her speech to the Time’s Up movement.

Politics were highly addressed at the 60th annual awards. Hillary Clinton appeared in a video reading an excerpt from “Fire and Fury”. Camila Cabello made a timely tribute to Dreamers in the midst of Trump’s reform DACA.


The Winners

Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna accepted the first Grammy of the broadcast for “Loyalty” as best rap/sung performance.

Ed Sheeran won Best Solo Performance for his song “Shape of You”. Following speeches by Kesha and Janelle Monae, Sheeran was met with boo’s despite his generally agreeable demeanor and presence in the music industry.

Bruno Mars dominated the award show, accepting the Grammy Award for album of the year (24K Magic), song of the year (That’s What I like) and record of the year (24K Magic).


The Ratings

The Grammys have a key demographic of A18-49 and reached 19.81 million viewers with a 5.9 rating on January 28th, down a full 24% from 2017’s February viewership number. This was the lowest viewership a ceremony CBS has received since 2009. Even so, the 2018 Grammys were the most watched primetime entertainment show since the 2017 Oscars. (Deadline)

Metered market ratings were 12.7/21, worse than early returns suggested. It fell 20% from the early returns for the 59th annual Grammys, which had 26 million viewers and a 7.8 rating among the same demo A18-49.

The unique viewers on the livestream of the Grammys was up 40% over last year’s telecast, however. The Sunday had the second-highest sign-up day for CBS All Access. The big boost stemmed from the streaming service offering a live stream of the event on its service. This is especially helpful to the millennial and/or cord-cutting population who do not have cable and focus on SVODs. Unique viewers and subscriber sign-ups reached record numbers for the CBS service. This could also be due to the airdate for a highly anticipated episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” that is only streamed on All Access.


Social Media

Nielsen reported that the 60th Grammys was the most social TV event this year. If we look at the mobile app store, the CBS app rank in free apps was at #325, according to Sensor Tower. After the awards show, the app’s rank jumped up to #89 among free iPhone apps in the US, just 5 below the very popular dating app, Tinder. (Tech Crunch)

The Twittersphere reacted to much of the poltiical aspects to had negative reactions to the delay of the delay of the red carpet precursor to the awards ceremony, due to delays in programming.


Programming and Competitive

CBS had aired the 2018 Farmer’s Insurance Open on Sunday night. The golf tournament ran into the Grammys’ red carpet’s scheduled time, which yielded backlash on Twitter and social media. (Business Insider)

CBS assured users that the Grammys would still air at 7:30p.m., but many on Twitter in their key demographic were unable to view a much red carpet celebrity fashion. The Farmer’s Insurance Open already had a delayed airtime as the Michigan State and University of Maryland basketball game went into overtime. Although overtime in sports can be often unpredictable, we can only fault the program planning team at network for the adverse effects on the highly anticipated red carpet fashion show.

As for competitive, there was not much up against the 7:30pm CBS special. Premieres included Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo, Sister Wives on TLC, and Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTV. None of these shows even compare to the gravity of the Grammys.


Advertising and Sponsorship

Procter & Gamble aired an “oddball and bizarre” ad for the Old Spice deodorant and its target consumers, male A18-34. The ad agency Wieden + Kennedy produced the campaign that features a suave gentleman talking to women about “the man your man could smell like.”

The ad was broadcast entirely in French, with a woman crying of a loss of someone relating to Old Spice. The company’s marketing director sought to generate buzz for this huge media opportunity. According to a media buyer, CBS sought roughly $1 million for a 30-second spot during the Grammys. For that money, the ad really needs to make impressions. (Variety)

While the Grammys hit a huge viewership decline, its advertising revenue remains strong. CBS made $81.1 million in national TV revenue. Last year they earned $81.4 million,
Big advertisers include Target ($7.8 million), Lincoln Mercury ($5.8 million), Google Phones ($3.9 million), Uber ($3.9 million) and Warner Bros ($3.5 million).

SEAL Team #12 – SEAL Team is Going to Visit the Queen!

It was announced Thursday morning that SEAL Team was going to be distributed to the United Kingdom very soon. The series was picked up by Sky One, which is a British general entertainment channel. This is amazing news for CBS’s show because it is more difficult to sell a pro-American, pro-military show internationally due to it not going along with most international cultures. This is also great news for the producers and cast of the show because it is an additional stream of revenue for them. Also, if a show has international popularity, it is more likely to have more season orders and pickups. In addition to SEAL Team, the British network also picked up The Good Wife. Airing dates have yet to be released, but the network confirmed that the series would be aired during 2018.


With Thanksgiving around the corner, one could expect the series to hit another low in viewership, however, SEAL Team had 6.95 million viewers and a 1.1 Adults 18-49 rating. It seems that the impending holiday did not have an impact on the series.



SEAL Team #9 – Turning Los Angeles into Afghanistan

Because the characters on SEAL Team are sent on missions around the world, usually to the Middle East, it is impossible for the show to actually send the cast and crew to these remote locations. Since most of scenes are set in the Middle East, the northern Los Angeles County, where the dry mountains take over the landscape, turns out to be an amazing location for SEAL Team to use as its backdrop. Working in the Los Angeles area has allowed for SEAL Team and the other military dramas to bring extra jobs to Hollywood. Other than using the locations in Los Angeles, because the shows typically have high pyrotechnics, specialists and companies have been getting work on the show. By bringing work to the Los Angeles area, SEAL Team’s producers are able to help the local economy and decrease expenses.

Because of the world series this week, SEAL Team had the lowest viewership with 4.67 million viewers and a 0.7 Adult 18-49 rating. Another reason the series had its lowest ratings is because the show was a re-run. CBS also decided to air a re-run at 10 pm. This airing had 3.37 million viewers and a 0.6 rating.


SEAL Team #8 – Politics & Television

While SEAL Team has earned itself to be a good new drama on CBS, it doesn’t stand alone from criticisms from individuals. It isn’t surprising that the show may take one stance over the other because of the subconscious of the writers producing the series. The show then gets a certain political view that some viewers might like or dislike. Amelia Hamilton, a contributing writer for News Busters, praises SEAL Team for “starting to become a reliably pro-American, pro-military show in a television landscape that doesn’t give us much to enjoy.” She continues to dissect the October 25th episode, “Collapse,” and how on numerous occasions the show begins to turn pro-American, pro-military. While, this idea is great for reaching another political demographic that might not agree with seemingly progressive Hollywood ideals, this also alienates some viewers. With three military themed dramas in the air waves, it seems that the military theme has gained popularity.

Looking at ratings, for the October 25th episode, SEAL Team had 6.92 million viewers and a 1.0 rating for Adults 18-49. These are both decreases from the previous week. SEAL Team also still has been unable to capture viewers from its lead-in, Survivor.

SEAL Team #7 – CBS’s Winning Streak

According to a Broadway World article, CBS placed first in viewers for the fourth consecutive week in a row. SEAL Team was in the top ten on broadcast dramas with ratings of 6.9 million viewers and a 1.0 for the Adults 18-49 ratings share. In addition to SEAL Team, CBS is able to be proud of The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, 9JFK, and Wisdom of the Crowd, that placed high in key demographics. This is important to CBS because other than bragging rights, it ensures that advertisers want to spend money on the company’s programs.

However, an issue that the program is facing is the failure to carry in viewers from Survivor, which had 8.12 million viewers and a 1.8. Because of the inability to capture viewers, the network lost 1.22 million viewers and a 0.8 for the Adults 18-49 ratings share. If CBS wants to continue making SEAL Team a winner, it must find a way to capture those viewers.

SEAL Team #6 – Full Season Order

SEAL Team (CBS) has officially earned a full season order from CBS on Thursday, October 12th. The show has done extremely well lately with 7.88 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 age demographic. This is the second full season order given by CBS. The first season order came after the first airing of Young Sheldon, the show did so well that the network gave them a full season order the next day.

In an article found on MoviePilot by Rachel Carrington there are three reasons why SEAL Team earned it’s season order: the military basis, the action, and the heroes. SEAL Team has done an incredible job sticking to the military genre by getting assistance by retired military personnel. The show also was dives into realism with the action it creates. Lastly, the cast that was chosen by the shows executives entices the correct audience the show desires. David Boreanaz is an extremely well known star for his career on bones and has been receiving get admiration for the role he is playing in the military themed series.

SEAL Team #5 – Media Competition

The fall season currently has three military dramas being produced: SEAL Team (CBS), The Brave (NBC), The Valor (The CW). All three series have premiered and SEAL Team currently has the highest amount of viewers with the second week having 8.39 million viewers (TV By the Numbers). The Valor is ranked last with 1.21 million viewers (TV By the Numbers) on the shows premiere. These military shows are in trouble because, according to an Adweek article, only two are destined to survive. I agree with this idea because the military theme could be overused with three military dramas in the current media marketplace.

I also think that The Valor is the most likely to fail because of how late in the season it premiered. SEAL Team premiered on September 27th and The Brave premiered on September 25th. The Valor only premiered on October 9th. This allowed for The Brave to have three episodes and SEAL Team to have two episodes before the premier of The Valor. This leaves The Valor at a disadvantage. Most military audiences have chosen a show before the series premiered.

SEAL Team #4 – Series Premiere and Ex-Military Personnel

This past week SEAL Team killed it in the ratings during the show’s series premier. According to a TV By the Numbers article, it was the only new show for the night and did well. It had the most viewers of the night with 9.7 million viewers. The article continues to state that it was able to hold the viewers from Survivor, which was the lead in. In the share, it had a 1.5 for ages 18-49.

Outside of the series premier, the series developed the show my bringing in ex-military personnel so they could bring the show to real life. CBS News discussed the importance of bringing in ex-military to maintain the correct point-of-view. Most of these ex-military men and women work in the writing room to keep the story on pace and tell it accurately. One of the ex-military personnel, Greg, talked about the issues that veterans have coming back from the army and not knowing what to do. This was a genius move by the show runners because it allows the show to stay current and not alienate an entire audience of veterans and their families.

SEAL Team #3 – Adweek Review

CBS’s Seal Team is set to premiere tonight at 9:00 PM EST. While the show has not been seen by the general public, Adweek decided to rank CBS’s new fall shows and talk about if the show is good for your brand. Out of the six new shows coming to CBS, Seal Team was position in fourth place beating 9JKL and Wisdom of the Crowd. However, placing 4th out of six is not promising for the new show.

Adweek gave this review because the plot seems to be more interested in action sequences than the show’s characters. The critique then went on to say that purchasing advertising time in Seal Team is only good “if you’re buying inventory on the other CBS procedurals.” This bad review can decrease the support of advertisers to purchase space in the available commercial time for Seal Team. This can cause a major problem because the show may end up losing money for CBS instead of making a profit.