Blindspot Roller Coaster Ratings

‘Blindspot’ ratings hit a season low last night falling almost 16%.  The action drama scored a 2.1 rating with 7.83 million viewers.  The drop is nothing to worry about seeing as how ‘Blindspot’ has already been picked up for a full season, but it is a notable drop.

One major factor could have attributed to the shows drop.  Last night was the premiere of the new Star Wars trailer during Monday Night Football on ESPN.  The highly anticipated blockbuster dropped the new trailer during last nights game, which saw a double digit ratings rise.  I suspect that once the time-shifted ratings come out at the end of the week, ‘Blindspot’ will be back on the top of its ratings game.

On the social media front, it seems that the amount of twitter followers has grown from 19k to 26k since the show’s launch.  The show is now referring to its viewers as “blindspotters.”  I think creating this nickname reinforces fandom, which in turn, will strengthen the shows fan base dedication.