Minority Report- Post #7 How will it end?

This week the ratings for Minority Report continued to drop to a .6/2, but this time only 1 point down as opposed to 2 like in the past. I sadly think this season is going to be a lost cause for the series. There was not enough advertising done for this show from the start because I’m assuming that the Network was banking on the fact that the series is based off of a Tom Cruise/ Spielberg Film and would have a loyal fan base from 2002. This however has not been the case because the show has not been doing well at all.

Since the show will most likely not be continuing after this season, I am curious to see how much the show will unravel and if the pace of the show will speed up in order to have a series finale for episode 10. The show has only just premiered episode 5 as of last night.