Grandfathered Post #9

Last week, Grandfathered got the full season order from Fox which followed their Tuesday night partner in crime, The Grinder’s, pick-up, as well. According to Deadline, it has always been the plan to give full season order to these freshmen Fox comedies. All of the fates of Fox’s fall lineup have been decided. Minority Report was the only show to receive a reduction, which shows the Fox overall had a strong Fall Primetime lineup. Interestingly, Grandfathered is a co-production between 20th Century Fox TV and ABC Studios, which is important because the content is shown on Fox.


The mixed reviews are in for Fox’s Grandfathered.

According to Critics reviews MetaCritic, many feel that that show is extremely similar to the comedy Raising Hope. I initially did not make this connection, but now I definitely see where those critiques are coming from. Also, many viewers feel that John Stamos’ character Jimmy is strong, but it is the supporting characters that need work. The characters portrayed by Josh Peck and Christina Milian are definitely in need of some tweaking according to the critics, but fortunately the show will now have time do develop these characters during the remainder of the season.

‘Blindspot’ #1 New Fall Show!

Well… the second week numbers are in and it is safe to say that ‘Blindspot’ on NBC is the number one new show of the fall season! The already healthy live ratings for the premiere were boosted by even higher DVR viewings. The live+3 ratings for the first episode topped off at a 4.5 rating with 15.2 million viewers.

With the large amount of marketing NBC put behind the show, it is no surprise that it is such a hit. The series is also the highest rated new drama since the freshman premiere of Fox’s ‘Empire’ last March. Overall, ‘Blindspot’ fell in the #2 spot right behind CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in live+3 viewings for Monday night.

To further celebrate the success, NBC has just ordered 9 more scripts for the drama. In comparison, most shows only get orders for 3-5 additional scripts. The order for 9 more scripts matches the highest “episodic back order a fall freshman show can receive” (Deadline). I am pretty sure it is safe to say that ‘Blindspot’ is here to stay.

The Grinder – Post 2

As reported in late August, a new face officially joined the team of The Grinder for Fall 2015. Ben Wexler, from The Comedians, signed an overall deal with 20th Century FOX producers.

As Wexler joins The Grinder, Greg Malins gets swapped out. Malins is said to have exited the series for creative differences. I found it interesting to read on The Hollywood Reporter (THR) website that this is not the only show that has experienced its share of new showrunners for the upcoming season. On that same note, The Grinder has actually become the fourth first-year series to change its showrunner.

THR makes note of the increased pressure for new shows to make their mark fast, and gain as many ratings as possible. As the growing landscape of television viewing continues to change, ratings are scarce and hard to hold on to.

These types of decisions come as production heats up in August and cuts start being made to find the clearest pathway to success for a new series. If creative differences get in the way for showrunners or a cast doesn’t seem quite right anymore, it’s likely networks will make whatever changes need be.

Blood & Oil – Post #1

ABC’s Sunday Primetime lineup will have two new additions: one being Blood & Oil, a soap drama with high stakes scheming and ruthless ambition. The series, which boasts the tagline “Millionaires are made everyday”, follows a hopeful young couple as they move to modern-day North Dakota on the heels of America’s greatest oil discovery.

The classic “striking gold” storyline may fare well for younger audiences craving a rag to riches story with plenty of edge. ABC’s hugely popular Once Upon a Time, which got top ranks for the 18-49 broadcasting demo, acts as the lead in for Blood and Oil, and seem to target the same younger viewers.  Based on the choices for on-screen talent, “Blood and Oil” has a lot of potential to carry some of the “Once” numbers at its 9 o’clock slot. Lead protagonist Billy Lefever is played by Chace Crawford, who will certainly create interest amongst the 18-24 demographic following his fame on the hit series Gossip Girl.  Playing the other half of the new-chance seeking couple as Cody Lefever is Rebecca Rittenhouse; who is set for a hopeful splash on ABC after her role as Brittany the short-lived Fox teen drama Red Band Society. Also starring are TV vet Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and supermodel-turned-actress Amber Valletta from ABC’s recently finished series Revenge. Johnson and Valletta will play opposite Crawford and Rittenhouse as ruthless oil tycoons Hap and Darla Briggs. 


Blood and Oil premieres at 9/8c September 27th on ABC.


Rosewood – Post #1

Rosewood is an upcoming Fox Drama series that centers around a private pathologist as he helps Miami law enforcement solve brutal murders. Morris Chestnut stars in the Todd Harthan (previously known for Psych) series alongside actresses Jaina Lee Ortiz and Gabrielle Dennis. One of the writers credited towards the series is Nkechi Okoro, who is best known for Bones.

The main cast and most of the writer’s room for this new drama is very diverse proving that television for 2015 is “hammering on the door diversity”. It looks like Fox is trying to follow Empire’s success with Rosewood, which adds a diverse lead to the network’s slate. Rosewood will also act as the leading in show for Empire on the station’s schedule. “Fox has recognized that reflecting multiculturalism in its programming is absolutely essential to the company’s survival if it wishes to have continued relevance to millennial and post-millennial audiences.” This adds to Fox’s strategic plan to attract more viewers. Rosewood premieres September 23rd in primetime.