Blindspot Massive with DVR

NBC’s hit show Blindspot is growing even larger with the live+3 and live+7 ratings.  For the final week of October, Blindspot grew 62%!  That is a huge jump.  The show lifted from a 2.15 to a 3.49 rating, jumping from 7.9 million to 12 million viewers.  The 4.1 million viewer increase was the biggest lift of the night, beating out hit shows such as, Big Bang Theory (3.9 million lift) and Supergirl (3.1 million lift) both on CBS.  The week prior to last, Blindspot‘s live+3 rating lift of 4.2 million was broadcast television’s biggest live+3 ratings lift of the entire week.

I have a feeling that once Monday Night Football comes to a close next year, the live ratings for Blindspot (assuming they stick with the Monday night 10pm time slot) will get a lift.  I think a portion of the viewers are holding off and waiting for DVR because of the Monday Night Football competition.

I also find it interesting that the creators of the show already have an ending mapped out.  They are prepared for cancellation (which at this point seems highly unlikely) and have the story all planned out in case they don’t receive a second season.  This is the number 1 scripted show for NBC, so I can see the network green lighting a season 2 early on in the spring.  I think it is good for the fans to know that the creators care enough about the show and the story that they already have a complete road map designed just in case… but something tells me Blindspot isn’t going anywhere.

In case of cancellation: